Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hidey hole

I'm hiding because I am mad at the Human. She has been gone a squillion hours a day this week at her stupid j-o-b. She says, "Now Spitty, you like to eat and have toys to play with, don't you?" which I don't think is a very good reason for her not being here paying attention to ME, dammit.

And, now, today, Caturday? Off to an out-of-town graduation party. Hrmph. I am not the forgiving type.


  1. gack! Yorkle! we feel a hairball brewing...aim for a shoe.
    OR, there's always the pitiful routine, (demeaning) but it will get you food and attention. Maybe too much attention. Better stick with the yakking.

  2. We're sure she is missing you too and we bet there will be extra cuddles and treats upon her return, Spitty=Moms always know how to make their babies feel better!...kisses handsome...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. We understand! Our human is gone 10 hours a day for work and then is in and out most weekends, doing "stuff." Our humans need to focus on us and only us! How dare they have anything else to do in their lives?!

  4. Don't hide..just go around the house, treating some of her things to a toothy death. You'll feel better, and it'll get your point across...

  5. Oh no, that is pretty awful, but she might just make it up to you!


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