Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Tale of the Toof

Oh my Cod! I have never heard so much moaning and groaning and whimpering in my life, Kitties! The Human had her "Root Canal" Thursday and there hasn't been a moment's peace since.

Honestly, I'd expect less complaining from Doug and Wendy Whiner (and the Human says if you know them, you're old as dirt, like she is).

Yeah, okay, Human,  it hurts, I get it. But she's got her ibuprofen, she's got her Vicodin, she's got her bourbon. Take any or all of these, and Shut Up, please! A boy needs some peace and quiet to nap on this almost-springlike afternoon!


  1. Purrs to your mom; we hope she feels better soon. If she takes those pain killers plus the bourbon, she'll be feeling no pain! (No, please don't take all of those together!)

  2. Hmm, normally, Spitty-the-Kitty, we're on your side. But we think that just this one time, maybe you're being too hard on your mom. Maybe you can just sit by her and purr?

  3. Spitty, when our human are not well , They will need our love extra !
    Hugs, Kisses, Purrs will be need from you.

    And Plus my Kisses, Hugs, Purrs to your mom

    PS : My mom love bourbon too : ) But please careful.. " Too Much ! Might get Numb Teeth ! "

  4. Spitty, Mommy feels bad for your Human.
    However, SHE had your nerticles cut off...did YOU get vicodin and bourbon and ibuprofen? hmmmmm? We thought not. So we are a little less sympathetic.

  5. Dood, I feel your pain. It was like a solid MONTH of that kind of whining here. Even WITH the fun drugs. I really just wanted someone to give the woman a big cup of shut-the-fark-up, but no...just had to listen to her whine...

  6. My human is glad that she has not had to have a root canal, especially if the good drugs are not helping yours that much! I do want to add that Boodie did not complain anywhere near as much when she had to have a tooth removed some years back. I think we kitties handle dental work a little better than humans do!

  7. OH Spitty
    We hope your Mom feels better soon.

  8. Oh, no, root canal scares me! I wish I will never have one... I hope your human will be okay soon. Maybe...your purring help her, I think.
    I understand napping is more important to you, but why don't you give some purring..? Well, I am sure deep deep, deep down in your heart, you worry about her :-)

  9. I am so sorry your mom is in so much pain!!! I guess I am really lucky. I had a root canal a few months back and didn't have to take any pain killers at all...maybe because I experience kidney stones on a regular basis (like today) and once you experience the pain of those a toothache is like a massage!
    Feel better!

  10. Holy moly, Spitty! What you hafta put up with!! Sounds like you need some nip to help you forget all her whining and crying.

    (but we do hope your mom feels better soon...our mom says she can relate...)

  11. Holy Cow Spitty..your poor mommy. But I can understand where you're comin' from my man. My mom gets whiny too sometimes. (and she does know who Doug and Wendy Whiner are..she's a squillion years old.)

  12. Oh Spitz; I knows how you feel. Before Christmas That Woman had to have one of those; and do you know she took some vicodin & took a nap and then had the NERVE TO BE LATE FEEDING ME!!! I hopes your mum is better at your schedule. I know those things are no fun!!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. Spitty, we feel your pain. Our Mom has been whining for two weeks, since she fell (duh) and hurt her elbow. Jeez, it's pathetic! We should form a support group for fed up felines.

  14. I feel sorry for your mum, but I feel more sorry for you having to put up with your mum.

  15. OMC, Spitty, my mom knows who Doug and Wendy are!!


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