Saturday, August 18, 2012

Easy Sunday: The Chair*

Hello, Kitties!  You may wonder as you look at today's paltry offering, "Huh? What? That's not even a good picture!"
Well, Kitties, let me explain.
As you know, my Human has been complaining for about the last 10 days that she has had to go back to work. She sighs, and wails, and gnashes her very teefs! She has been too selfishly preoccupied to devote much attention to MY possible distress at her absence from our little nest.
Well, the other day when she arrived home after having been gone for some ungodly number of hours, she was startled to find me in the chair above.
You see, she has her chair, and I have my chair. And I was in her chair, which never, never, but never happens.
She thinks I was all lonely and sought out her scent. Me, I think I was just right here when a nap struck. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Right? Right.

*NOTE:  The sloppy light green quilt on the chair is there (and on the other chair as well) because she thinks my black furs do not improve the furniture! Can you imagine???


  1. Yep, a nap just happened to hit you right there at that moment and what do you mean your most beautimous black furs don't improve the furniture? Black goes wif efurrything!

  2. Yeah, we have that problem here, too. We say that all of the chairs are ours; we let her use them sometimes. And as Prancer says "Black Goes With Effurrything".

    Oh, and there's plenty of that human noise "sighs, wails, gnashes teef". If only humans would just do what has to be done like we cats do. The only time we make noise like that is when the humans haven't done what's important, like feed us.

    Laura & Taffy

    We could come through our tunnel and comfort you, Spittikins, while your faithless human is gone.

  3. So what was your mom's reaction to THAT! Oh Spitty, the only thing I can imagine is YOUR reaction if she sits on your chair :D

  4. What is meant by this phrase 'her chair' ? Huh!? A throne's a throne's a throne's a throne and always yours, King Spitty. Or mine, if it's here in Finland (North). And is that quilty really green, as we see it as white. And it better be black soon as all the best things are cat fur coloured - for instance cats.
    We have major sympathies with you about this back to work stuff. now it is the weekend we have been velcroed to Äiti.
    WIth most respectful regards to your royal self.

  5. I would revolt if my fur was not allowed on the furniture!!

    On second thought, laying on that quilt would probably be way more comfortable than laying on the actual furniture that my human picks out. She goes for form over function every time.

  6. Buddy!!!! Our humans are cut from the same cloth!! How scary is that? It is beyond my comprehension that my furs would not improve the decor!!!!! But she's just a tad errr you know ..... AR about these things!!!

  7. Well you do look very Royal in that fancy throne Spitty!

  8. Spitty, MY mom puts fings over the furniture too. How gauche! She has done so for so many years that she says she has no idea what the furniture looks like any longer. You and I have beautimous black furs and all have agreed here: black furs go wif effuryfing. NO exceptions.

    And I believe you; you were there in "her" chair because the nap struck at the hour it did. Just because her scent was there had NUFFING to do wif it. Right? Right. I thought so.

    You look so cuddly there all cuddled in the corner. I see mine and other tunnels pointing in YOUR direction. XXOO

    pee ess: I imagine after Tuesday the (mine) PTU will be shunned as well it should be.

  9. Thanks you fur teh luvly invitayshunz, I iz on mai way ovar immediatly! Thanks you fur saving me a seat, they hoomanz should be bizy fixing noms or sumthing anyways rite? *purrs* xox

  10. Spitty, you should see the blankets and pads that cover all our furniture. Now what's up with that? We think furs add so much to the overall decorating scheme. Sheesh!!

    When we really wanna get back at the mom, we crawl under the blankets or push the pads aside and lay all over the furniture. Ha!

  11. Oh Spitty, that look's such a comfy throne..I wooods make that yors now's.
    Have a great Sunday..
    Mollie xx00x

  12. Hi Spitty oh grand PoooBaaa!
    Me thinks all the chairs in the house is mine! As is the beds and the cat trees! Me lets the others sits in them because me is a generous queen. Mt Mommy and Daddt is at the market all day today--want to comes over big guy?

  13. Spitty. We detects a flaw in your Human. Really! Why is she putting a green quilt on HER chair if you never sleep on it? All that whining must be affecting her synaptic activity.

  14. The quilt does set off your furs to an advantage though, so maybe that's her real reason! Makes for better pictures?
    Now, whisper to us the real reason you sat there... you wanted to make sure she had a bum full of black furs when she goes back to work, right? hee hee

    By the way, Star saw the HIs Star and though she knew you probably meant Hi Star, she kinda liked thinking she was HIS Star, MOL, for the moment anyway.
    Boy oh boy... wait till you hear the song dedicated to Spitty at Leo's party! It's gonna be a hoot!
    Star's been humming (purring?) it for days!

  15. i think the picture is quite artistic. your darling little self all heart shaped and all tucked into HER chair like you are her wee favorite pillow waiting to be snuggled.


    but, yer prolly right; it was a case of 'right place, right time'. Keep messin with her head!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  16. Awwwww.....poor Spitty misses his Mommy. Hahaha. We hope you got lots of brushies when she got home! That ought to make you feel better. :)

  17. We had that separate chairs thing (and cover) for a long time. But now that there is a Bein fer each of the 2 chairs, we find they (the chairs) stay nice and de-furred without covers. The Beins take our furs away with them after they are done sitting...

    After all, none of us want to sit on each OTHERS' furs!

  18. That's light green? Looks white on this 'puter. I thought your human was so nice to put a down-looking quilt on the chair for you. She mustn't think that SHE has any chairs in YOUR house. You're the BOSS of her!

  19. Well, we have black covers all over our furniture, just for me. And that works. It's the *others* who fur it all up.

    P.S. Doesn't she know that "her" chair IS your chair and that you dictate the sitting arrangements?

  20. We see that as a victory for you! You scored her chair and now she has to find another. A major coup, Spitty! Congrats!

  21. Luscious black furs go wif any color and it doesn't matter coz the chair is yours, Sweet Spitty. Mom keeps our furniture covered too.

  22. Sounds like you were being too predictable and rightfully needed to shake things up a bit. There is no "mine" and "hers". Its all "yours" and now your mom knows it too! (She knew it subconsciously when she put that blankie there, you just reminded her, that's all.)
    BTW, we thought that pic was great compared to what our mom takes.

  23. OMC, do you know what you've started? Long before me my mom was on that AYB craze and used to photoshop all kinds of AYB things. Now I'm going to have to hide that comment from her or she'll start up AGAIN.

    Thanks, bud.

  24. My peeps use towels. I think they must have bought stock in a towel company, or something. purrs

  25. We like to keep our moms on their toes! We do think you'll miss your mom when she goes back to work though.

  26. WHAT??!! No appreciation for your black fur enhancing the look of human furniture??? Seriously?? way!!..haruummppfff..paw pats to you Spitty...Savannah

  27. oh my CAT, can she not understand that you - a cat - understand fang shui far better than she - a human??


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