Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tap, Tap, Tap . . .La, La, La . . . Hum, Hum, Hum

Estimated delivery :
Wed 9/17/2014

XPS 15

Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tarty Tummy Tuesday circa September, 2010

All right, by popular demand, we are back with another ancient photo. This one is notable not only for my long-ago, long-forgotten sveltitude, but for the belleh exposure which is something Yours Truly just does not do.

Please take special note of those marks--scratches on the glass? left-over cocaine (kidding!)? some kind of secret code?--just over my right ear. What is that, anyway?

We hope this will serve to whet your appetite for the return of the Real Live Spitty . . .
soon . . . ish.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oh, hi. Sigh.

Well, Kitties, here is a picture from September 15, 2011. I was disappointed in the offerings that emerged from that shopping bag, though back then I was much less interested in foods than I am now. I am sure you can see that for yourselves. No need to mock me, now.  

And the Human wasn't exactly adept at photography then, not that she's all that much better now. In real life, I am much more sharply defined!

Sigh. We has been sad and unmotivated since we cannot upload any pictures, and copying old ones does not inspire us. Also, every day the Human remembers something else that vanished into the cyber-ether never to be seen again, and she whimpers a little. I think when the new computer finally gets here, we will perk up again.

And yes, we has learned the back-up lesson. The hard way.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Yes, yes, I know: It's really TBT (ThrowBackThursday) but since I am King, I hereby declare FlashBackFriday. This is the first picture I ever posted on my blog, on April 14, 2010. You could look it up. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Okay then, so that was exciting, wasn't it? I was only SIX then (like King P is now) and I still had my very important you-know-whats. Ah, those were the days!

But Glogirly had not yet declared me King so I hardly suspected the greatness that lay in store.

In other news, the hard drive the Human forked over $50 to have encased and make into an external drive so we could access all our wonderful files that we had spent so many years amassing? Yeah, well, not even worth one-tenth of one percent of that--yes, I am saying: Not worth a plug nickel. 99.9999% of the data on that drive is Gone, Baby, Gone. 

Nice looking plastic case, though.

We hope to have the new computer in about two more weeks. (A digression: How hard would it be for Dell to make enough computers so it doesn't take like, three freaking weeks to get the one you ordered? Is there a real answer to that question? Don't they have a supply and demand algorithm?)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Semi-Wordy Wednesday

Well, here I am (circa 2012), looking much as I do today while the Human disports herself at work and then at dinner with friends. Just like I'm chopped liver or somefing.

I'm so lonely...

Hint. Hint.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Brain Cells: Disappearing Fast

So, today the Human went on a nice shopping trip to PetSmart, Michael's and, her favorite, Target. So she had gotten all the impawtant stuff (my foodz and litter and a new toy, too!) by the time she arrived at Target, where she had many less-impawtant things to purchase, which she did.

But when she gotted home, she realized she had left her giant 12-pack of paper towels on the bottom of the cart in the Target parking lot. Sigh. Getting old is no picnic, Kitties. At least it wasn't my Fancy Feast languishing in that parking lot. Now THAT would be a real tragedy.

Ha! Look! Even with this Chromebook I can copy and paste an old picture (from 2012) just so you don't forget who I am and what I look like.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


NOTE #2:  Our laptop's motherboard 'sploded or something, so time for a new one. The repair place is encasing the hard drive to work like an external hard drive (d'oh! That's what it *is*, right?) with a usb port and all, so at least we still has all our documents and pictures and stuff. The Human is going to order a new laptop Monday and we hope it comes pretty fast. Fooey--she says it's not even the money so much as the irritation and inconvenience and delay factors, and she's lost all her bookmarks of efurryone's bloggies and stuff. Sigh. Oh well, many a worser thing has happened so I told her to shut her pie hole and stop yappin' and complaining.

We took little videos of a pawsome block party on our tiny street today with a bluegrass band and a bouncy house and efurrything, and it makes me MAD we can't post them. There were WAY too many woofies there anyway.

So it is what it is. It is hard for the stoopy Human to type on this little Chromebook, but we will do what we can. ::sharpens claws::