Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sunday Selfie: I'm a Flirt

Surely that can't come as a surprise
considering the former feline tenant of this establishment. 
Am I right?

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday Selfie: Ready, Set, Go

I need my mousie (at lower right). I'm a good girl, I am, and I haven't had my playtimes in two whole hours. It's way more fun to play with the mousie if someone is waving him about and making him fly. The Lady went out today and I was here by myself for hours and hours and hours and hours. I call it borderline kitty neglect is what I call it. Still, I am growing a bit fonder of her and some days I follow her from room to room, if only to keep my eye on her.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Hi everybody!  

Please, my dear new furiends, do not misinterpret the title of this post! Probably you are thinking *I* am thankful to be here? Well, maaaaaaaaaaybe so. But really it is the Human Lady who should be the thankful one! After all, I am a beautiful and charming LadyCat and she is fortunate I have deigned to offer her the opportunity to win my affections, and she is making some small progress in doing so. I like to play and I like to eat and I like my creature comforts, so it really isn't all that hard to win me over! 😻

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Selfie: My First Post

I am Gigi. I am a girlcat, a Calico, about 7 years old. In the Long Ago times, I was probably someone's pet. Somehow, though, I ended up in a feral colony in the East Bay for several years. About three months ago, my heroes Linda and Peter (aka Mom L and Dad P on Savannah's Paw Tracks) took me home to foster me and see if I could re-learn to live in a house with Humans. I did pretty well, and just about the time they were starting to look for someone to adopt me, the Lady who lives here was starting to look for a new kitty to love. (While Linda and Peter worked with me, she had a foster cat named Maggie for about two months.) But finally, earlier this week, I arrived at my new furever home.

Last Tuesday afternoon, I was escorted to this Lady's house in San Francisco. To tell you the whole truth, I was maybe just the littlest bit high on something, as I was just a wee bit uncooperative about getting into my carrier, and I don't really remember exactly how it was that I got here. I do know I haven't seen the sun since!

See how happy and comfortable I look? Well, that's because I was still just the tiniest bit high as a kite, and everything seemed purrfect! I was seeing all the rainbows!

The next couple of days were maybe not quite as glorious as that memorable Tuesday, and I confess I was UTB for substantial portions of those days. Still, the service has been excellent; the food is fresh and plentiful, litter deposits are whisked away within minutes, and playtimes are reasonably frequent (and I have to admit that it is I who sometimes declines to participate).

I really love this little tent. It may look like cheap nylon, but I am sure it really is made of impenetrable iron that will protect me from invading fingers and hands. I don't mind her looking at me, or talking to me, or even singing to me (right now she is alternating between Blondie's Tide Is High and Brahms Lullaby), but get too close or too grabby, and all bets are off. I have a mean left hook, which I have (thus far) had no reason to deploy.

I have explored the apartment a little bit, but mostly I hang out in the bedroom (which is mine now, as the Lady has banished herself to the blow-up bed in the dining room. Good thing, too, because if she hadn't I would have had to). Overall, things have gone pretty well. I guess there was somekitty named Spitty who lived here before me, and he taught her very well how to respect boundaries or pay the consequences. I thank him for that as it should make my job easier, don't you think? 

Well, that's it for now. The Lady says I can talk to you next Sunday, or maybe even before that if I am very, very good. We'll have to wait and see what happens next. I am super glad to meet all of you!  

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Soon . . .

. . . but not today!

My lovely girl was unimpressed with the idea of getting into a carrier today (Monday, May 10), but she will be arriving this week! I think she is channeling Spitty, who had a firm policy of non-cooperation. 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday Selfies: So Long, Farewell,
Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye . . .

Well, Friends, I am going home with my Mama tomorrow. I am really excited, but maybe also just a little bit sad. I have grown fond of my Hostess, and she says she will miss me. But Mama says the Hostess will come see our new apartment and visit me! I've had a really nice time here for the last two months. Don't worry about the Hostess, though: She won't be all alone for very long at all! But she will tell you more about that in a week or so. It was fun getting to meet you. And who knows? I might even drop in from time to time and check up on efurryone! 

Here are a few pictures from my time here, and one video so you don't think I sleep *all* the time, even if I am a leetle bit zaftig!