Monday, December 27, 2021

Tales of the Tailios


Gigi has quite a nice tailio, I think. It is thick, and multicolored, and contrasts nicely with her snowy furs. Mine is so-so; it's long enough I guess, but not floofy, and so looks a bit anemic for my body type. I think I would be handsomer if I had more heft in my rear appendage.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

We've Been Good, Santa!

Here it is the week before Christmas, and what is simple-minded Buddy posting about? Right! Me whapping ornaments and him smashing angels. Get with the program, brother!

I am going to have to be more strict about previewing and editing his posts. 

But to do that, I need to stay awake, and napping is so tempting....


Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sunday Selfie: So Many Things, So Little Time

You already know what a Very Good Boy I am, so that's not really the issue here.

No, the real issue is how irresponsible and unreasonable it is of the Human to put out all these Angels and expect Gigi and me to show the kind of superfeline restraint that should not be expected from even the most domesticated of kitties, which we certainly are not!

Now Gigi is more an ornament-batting kind of gal. Me, I prefer my victims to have faces, and to silently scream in shock and dismay when they are rudely dumped on their keisters (do angels even have those?) 

So far, I have spared them. But temptation is strong and there are still many days till Crispmouse. Stay tuned!

Friday, December 17, 2021

Close Encounters of the Buddy Kind

Since arriving here this summer, the Overgrown Tabby and I have kept a respectful distance between us. I do whap him if he gets in my way (I was here first, and I'm a feisty girlcat; he came a month later, and is a big, lumbering, not-all-that-bright boy. I mean, when he crosses my path without prior approval, I hit him). Isn't that the Way of the Girlcat?

So imagine how surprised our Human was this morning to find us very nearly snuggling on the bed, as the sunshine streamed in after days of gloom. It was all going really well, too, until Buddy overstepped his bounds and stuck his nosicle in places it absolutely did not belong. Did I whap him? I will let you draw your own conclusions about that.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Enough of That Overgrown Tabby!
*I* Am Adorable, You Know

When I first got here, I did not permit the Human to pet me, even though I really did want to. After a while, I decided maybe it might feel very nice, and it does. I go all melty and purry. You-Know-Who gets all jealous though, and comes and butts his giant head on her arm so he can get his share. I am not thrilled by this, but she says, I have two hands, Gigi. And sure enough, she does.


Saturday, December 11, 2021

'Get Off'

 Why should I get off? Does anything look broken to you? Out of place? 

I will take your request under advisement, 
but I warn you that you are unlikely to prevail.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday Selfie: Budzilla Whaps the Wise Guys

My, my. What have we here?

His gift wasn't good enough.  Worse,
it wasn't for me. Whap! One down.

It's a little hard to see, but down near
my paws, Mary & Joseph got whapped too.

My work here is done.
For now.

P.S. He didn't tell you that he flipped Baby Jesus into a face-plant on the manger floor, did he? I thought not. 
~Gigi the Good