Friday, August 31, 2012

The Replacements & an Endorsement

Well, my dear Furiends and Fellow Catizens of the Blogosphere, as difficult a decision as it has been, I am ready to make an Official Endorsement in Zee and Zoey's Cat Ruler of the World contest.
I know four of the six cat-didates quite well: Austin, Brian, Katie and Sparkle. I believe they would all be wise and benevolent rulers (well, maybe I'm not quite so sure about Sparkle and the benevolence-dealio). For days and days, I fretted and fretted and fretted: How could I possibly choose?
And then that seemingly-impossible decision was made fantastically easy for me! As you all know, just 10 days ago, in a tragic betrayal, I lost two items near and dear to my heart. I felt unmanned and downcast. But then.....but then.....just LOOKY what arrived to save the day! 
Yes, Kitties, Katie and her stalwart Campaign Manager Cathy Keisha brought joy back into this ManCat's life!
Just take a gander at these babies: They're bigger.....they're bolder.....they're BRASS!

Katie, in my book, you *already* Rule the World!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Curses! Clippy-Clawed Calamity!

Is there no end to the indignities I must suffer, Kitties
While I was unconscious and unable to defend myself, my claws -- my beautiful, long, shapely, needle-sharp claws--were brutally hacked away at the root gently and appropriately clipped.
When I mounted my Ess the next morning to get in some much-needed sharpening action, do you know what happened, Kitties? I slid right off! I did! I had no traction at all!
And do you know what made it worse? The Human laughed at me, right here in my own home. Just as loud as you please, and not a word of apology, either.
I'm told they'll grow back.

And I know just what I'm going to do with them when they do.

NB:  We 'pologizes for our minimal visiting today. The Human had the NERVE to bring work home. Hrrrumph. As if that could more impawtant than my needs!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Has the Hots a Little

Hey! It was 77° here today! 
It's fan weather, Kitties! And I needed to check it out! 

Can you tell I am feeling better?
In fact, you might even say I am back in the pink!
~Blurry photos courtesy of Guess Who Productions~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: I Should Sue Her for This

Oh fine. First I get my you-know-whats hacked off and then, because that just wasn't mean enough, she takes the Most Embarrassing Pictures ever in all the history of the Cat Blogosphere and posts them on the Internet for all to see.

Monday, August 27, 2012

All Your Living Room R Belong to Me

All the chair R belong to me.
All the Tower R belong to me.
All the Crown Bed R belong to me.

Yeah, about that last one. It definitely, for sure R belong to me, but, well, you see, my beautiful Crown Bed was where I was so very comfortably snoozing when I was snatched up and stuffed in that wicked PTU just last Tuesday. So, while I have reclaimed the living room for my very own, I seem to have a subconscious aversion to the Blue Beauty
Since you were all so wise in your advice to the Human to keep her grabby hands off me and let me proceed at my own pace, she says she will not just plop me in there. She feels kinda bad though--as well she should, Kitties, as well she should. 

P.S. Oh, yesterday's quiz? Spitty Lite is on the bottom!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Before and After? After and Before?

Furiends, Here I am in my Pink Beddy.

√ Completely relaxed.
 All cuddled up.
√ Plenty of room for a LadyCat. Or two, if they're small.

Any takers?

I ask you: Which is Spitty Classic and which is Spitty Lite?

Breaking News:  Guess who decided that the living room was A-OK after all?  I have spent a good part of today in there on my tower snoopervising the neighbors. I am almost, a-l-m-o-s-t back to normal....well, as normal as I get anyway, MOL!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rocks Rock

Last month, the Beauteous Cathy Keisha hadded an auction to benefit her furiend Baby Patches! Item #3 in the auction was a collection of fabulous painted rocks from Tiny Pearl Cat. Although my cheapskate financially prudent Human lost that auction, the lovely and generous Tiny Pearl Cat decided to send me a few of her wonderful creations anyway! 
Here are the two that are living at home with us:
There are two more rock-kitties that stay at school, which the ridiculously forgetful slightly-absent-minded Human forgotted to picturize. They will find their way into another post!
Thanks, Tiny Pearl Cat! We luffs them!

*     *     *     *     *

P.S. Thanks for all your sympathy and encouraging words. I *am* feeling better (see below) but I am also pretty suspicious of the Human and of certain places in the house (like the living room where I was scooped up and shoved unceremoniously into that PTU). 
I think I will keep getting more relaxed as the days go by, but the Human welcomes advice (e.g., is it a good idea to take me into the living room or just wait for me to go in there on my own?)

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Back of Disrespect

Seriously:  Can you blame me, Kitties?
It's only what she deserves.

Also: Score
I haven't had kitty grass in MONTHS!
She knows there aren't enough days left in the year
to make all this up to me, but she may as well get started anyhow.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Trophy Girlfriend

So, we bet you've been wondering:
What's up with Miss Madie Mitten Kitten these days?
Well, take a gander at THIS:
You may be asking yourself: Where's Aggie, the long-time beloved of Mr. Wally?
The answer? Sleeping alone, Kitties, sleeping alone.
That Bad Boy Wally has found himself a multi-toed Furry Little Lolita, that's what!
Where's the loyalty, Wally? At long last, Wally, have you no shame???

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You just would not BELIEVE what has been done to me, Kitties. It's enough to make a grown ManCat shudder. 
I have been shaved in such an inappropriate place, you cannot imagine! There's a bare circle around my sad, empty little...well, you know what.
Will my furz grow back ever, do you think? My formerly furry bits are nekkid and exposed after being manhandled (well, strictly speaking, woman-handled, may that Spawn of Satan burn for her sins, Let-the-Church-Say-Amen).
So I have been lurking UTB, with the occasional foray out for food, water, peeing and a general look-see. I have allowed that treasonous Human to brush me, but I hurry away for fear of being grabbed and dumped into that....that....well, it's better to draw a curtain across the whole experience.

On a happier note, looky looky looky what I gotted today from Ms. Stella and her Human, Stacy:
Could the timing have been more purrfect?  It is a lovely, good-smelling, beauteous quilt! I lubz it! It was the only thing that made me happy today, Kitties, the ONLY thing. And as you can see, even hanging out on my quilt was not entirely comfertabuls. 

Can I be frank wif you, Kitties?

My butt hurts.

So here's one final picture from this evening. As you can see, the toys and the quilt and the Gerbers were in plentiful supply. I note with pleasure that the reverse side of my quilt is...PINK!

We are the tiniest bit 'zawsted and stressed out around here -- the Human wishes this had all happened during the just-ended vacation when she could have devoted entire days to my care and feeding, but alas, school has begun. Please forgive us if we are unreliable commenters for another day or two. I *do* appreciate all the good wishes, especially from the LadyCats.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Have to Talk, Kitties

~ In happier times ~

Well, Kitties, you would never believe what happened to me at 3:30 p.m. today, Tuesday, August 21, 2012, a Day That Will Live in Infamy.

For the past few days, my left eye has been leaky and schmutzy and the Human decided that, although she has not been able to get me into a PTU since I was a wee lad of four or five months, there was nothing for it but a trip to the Ebil Vet, the Stabby Place, a place I had heard tell of, but of which my personal memory had faded into the dim mists of time.

Well, I was unceremoniously dumped into a big plastic and metal box, Kitties. ME! Spitty-the-Kitty! Into a BOX! A little metal door was slammed and I was whisked away against my will and shoved into an even bigger metal box that began to move.

I was so terrified I was SPEECHLESS. Can you even imagine???

Then I found myself in a Little Room alone with my Human, who foolishly graciously opened the door of my PTU. Well, Kitties, I exploded out of that thing! There's no other word for it. I leaped, I howled, I growled, I literally climbed the walls! I knew there had to be an escape route, or at least a hiding place, but NO. There was nothing! I finally settled, panting, on the counter where the Human attempted to subdue me calm me.

That lasted until Satan's Minion entered the Little Room. Oh yes, she spoke softly, she was easy on the eyes, but she was the Spawn of the Devil.

She and the Human conferred. Terrible actions were contemplated, and WORSE, carried out. 

The Ebil Vet and her Ebil Lackey could not get hold of me for an injection, so....I was GASSED !!!!!  To tell the truth, I am kind of proud of that. They had to take me down, Kitties. Spitty did not surrender!

My eye was medicated (conjunctivitis). My claws were clipped. I was injected with something called "booster" vaccines.

But that is not all, not by a long shot. There was WORSE.

Can you guess? Well, CAN YOU?

I, Spitty I, King of California and the Western Lands, was t-u-t-o-r-e-d.
To be honest, I'm not even quite sure what that means. So please, if you decide to tell me, break it to me gently.

You can reach me UTB for the foreseeable future.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sun Boy

What am I doing, you ask?
Why, here's an answer, Human: MYOB!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I ♥ My Squid

Mr. Squiddy is often my companion in the Pink Beddy. He makes a fine pillow, and he smells divine! 
He came a while back from Feline o'Mine, the store of William's Mom. Mr. Squiddy and Miss Soft Gray Mousie are among my fave toys; I see that another little package arrived last week, but apparently I am not to receive the contents just yet. I think these are "going-back-to-work-guilt" presents, hahameow! Remember, Kitties: Guilt can work for us!
Perhaps she is going to dole them out slowly, but frankly I think I should be allowed to have them right now.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Easy Sunday: The Chair*

Hello, Kitties!  You may wonder as you look at today's paltry offering, "Huh? What? That's not even a good picture!"
Well, Kitties, let me explain.
As you know, my Human has been complaining for about the last 10 days that she has had to go back to work. She sighs, and wails, and gnashes her very teefs! She has been too selfishly preoccupied to devote much attention to MY possible distress at her absence from our little nest.
Well, the other day when she arrived home after having been gone for some ungodly number of hours, she was startled to find me in the chair above.
You see, she has her chair, and I have my chair. And I was in her chair, which never, never, but never happens.
She thinks I was all lonely and sought out her scent. Me, I think I was just right here when a nap struck. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Right? Right.

*NOTE:  The sloppy light green quilt on the chair is there (and on the other chair as well) because she thinks my black furs do not improve the furniture! Can you imagine???

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tunnel + Brushies

= Nirvana

Up Periscope! Is there a brushie in sight?
Ah, first contact!
Okay, all done now. Thanks, Human.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Neighborhood Watch Cat Has Something to Watch!

Oh My Cod, Kitties! Look at our very own driveway at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon!
Look at the blue corner house a little ways down the block! The fire is mostly out in this picture.
We really, really lubz our firefighters!
They are furry furry brave!

The Human taked a little video, though Cod only knows what she was trying to get at the end! (She was a little tiny bit freeked out I think.)

Note: Nobuddy, 2-legged or 4-legged, gotted hurt in this fire, Fank Ceiling Cat!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yes . . .

. . . Neighborhood Watch Cat . . .
. . . *is* on the alert . . .
. . . most of the time.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Look: My Book!

The beauteous and wondrous Savannah
had a contest a little while back
and I won one of the prizes!
Can you imagine, Kitties? Me!

Anyway, it arrived the other day
and I was the first to investigate:
It is a book full of exciting and heartwarming stories,
which I am making my Human read to me before bedtime.

Thanks, Savannah! I love my book!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spittini Is In

You are feeling are feeling calm and know you can trust are falling deeply into a are serene and know you can always come to Spittini.....Now, you feel like telling me your very juiciest secret....go right ahead.....I'm listening.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spittyless Sunday

So the Human and her friend went up into the Berkeley Hills Friday (no, they didn't hike, they drove, because they are Doddering Old People*), and the Human made this little video from a spot right above the campus (which is A&W&M's Dad's Alma Mater). You can see the campanile (a 307' bell tower in the middle of campus) and a whole bunch of boring other stuff, too.

Warning: I am not in it. Sigh. But if you listen carefully, you'll hear that at least the Human knew I should be!

*Full disclosure: They actually did attempt a nice hike in Redwood Regional Park, but the Human was hot, and the trail had a lot of uphill, and there were signs like this one:
and warnings about ticks and rattlesnakes, and after about five minutes, she began whining and complaining and carrying on, so their planned hour-long hike turned into a 20-minute walk, perhaps to the chagrin of A&W&M's Dad, who nevertheless gallantly agreed that perhaps this was not the day for a hike after all.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Casual Caturday

Hello, Kitties! Well, here I am looking all artsy and mysterious at first, then all goofy and giddy. Hey, it's Caturday! I can act any way I want, right? 
The Human's bummed that summer vacation, such as it was, comes to a screeching halt Monday at 7:00 a.m., and her delightful days here at home with me are drawing to a rapid close. No longer can she stay up into the wee hours, sleep till, like, 8:30 (can you imagine??), lollygag in her jammies till noon and then go shopping, or to the movies, or for a walk, or out to a fancy restaurant.
But there is a word, floating juuuuuuust beyond the horizon, and that word begins with an R, Kitties. Can you guess what it is?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Formerly Feral Friday: Breakfast Travesty

10:00 a.m. FAIL*

*Remnants of last night's dinner

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not-A-Garden-Tour #17: Emeryville

On one of the last outings of their summer break 
--the Human's first official faculty meeting is August 15 ::sob, sob::--
the Human and A&W&M's Dad
went for a stroll along the shore in beautiful ::cough, cough::

Here are some highlights:
Talk about a buzz-kill!
But hey--at least it doesn't say "No CATS"!
Looky! Pretty boats(aka Money Pits)
The downside of this lovely stroll is that a good 50% of it runs right along Interstate 80.
Snoopy and the Red Baron battle it out on pilings near a small pier.

Well, that's it for today's Not-A-Garden-Tour.  Step right on up to that 
dog-free "rustic boardwalk" for a nice fish taco and a frosty Meowgarita