Friday, August 31, 2012

The Replacements & an Endorsement

Well, my dear Furiends and Fellow Catizens of the Blogosphere, as difficult a decision as it has been, I am ready to make an Official Endorsement in Zee and Zoey's Cat Ruler of the World contest.
I know four of the six cat-didates quite well: Austin, Brian, Katie and Sparkle. I believe they would all be wise and benevolent rulers (well, maybe I'm not quite so sure about Sparkle and the benevolence-dealio). For days and days, I fretted and fretted and fretted: How could I possibly choose?
And then that seemingly-impossible decision was made fantastically easy for me! As you all know, just 10 days ago, in a tragic betrayal, I lost two items near and dear to my heart. I felt unmanned and downcast. But then.....but then.....just LOOKY what arrived to save the day! 
Yes, Kitties, Katie and her stalwart Campaign Manager Cathy Keisha brought joy back into this ManCat's life!
Just take a gander at these babies: They're bigger.....they're bolder.....they're BRASS!

Katie, in my book, you *already* Rule the World!


  1. ha ha ha!!
    Mommy is singing the AC/DC song Big Balls...and inserting Brass into the lyrics!
    Trust CK to give you such a large pair...

  2. What! Yous turned down your bestest guy friends for BRASS BALLS!

  3. Welcome to TEAM KATIE, King Spitty!!! We definitely needed some testosterone in our campaign! I told CK to grow a pair, but she did one (make that two) better!!!

    Thank you for supporting us, but most importantly thank you for supporting the brave and amazing kitties of Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.

    xo, Katie

  4. Good endorsement King Spitster but bound to cause diplomatic problems.
    And as for the brass - hardly very comfortable, likely to tarnish and freeze to you in winter. Lapland gold covered in reindeer fur is much nicer, but they are mine!

  5. We are speechless.

    We just wish all the the shelters could be winners. I was reading about Blind Cat Rescue today and very impressed by what they do. Now I must go and learn about the other catidates' nominees.

  6. ROFLOBO!!! (rollin on floor laffin our bums off)

    Pee Ess - sumbody may have laffed so hard they peed a little. Might have even been Mommy.

  7. Wow, Spitty, that is just proof that you can be bought, and rather easily at that! I mean, they are not even gold! And, um, in any case they don't work like the old ones, if you know what I mean.

  8. So I guess your human will still be kept up at night by all that clangin! Way to go! But beware! Worshiping false idols. I guess it's just a good thing they aren't in the shape of a calf. I can't for the life of me think why humans would worship a lower leg but on second thought, it IS where we chose to mark them so THAT is a GREAT reason! Nice piece of logic that.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  9. That screaming you hear is me on the floor screaming laughing my rear end off!!

    You got brass ones now baby!

  10. Most esteemed King Spitty,

    We were wondering what had taken your paws so long to go googling, and are deeply saddened by your response to our most magnificent geographical etymology, of which we Finns are most proud. Instead of naming places after European cities (New York, New Amsterdam) or using other languages (Los Angeles, San Francisco), we take pride in giving original, unique names to our Finnish towns, lakes, islands and random plots of land. The names reflect our heritage and sense of humour. They are deeply affectionate. It is not our fault if then foreigners like yourself take offense. Goodness knows, I edited the list carefully as there were many possibilities which could have actually been rude (admittedly 'Kusipää' in some regions is borderline as in some regions it is not what you would call your grandmother but not here in Oulu where my palace is it is okay to use without causing offense).

    So, my dear Spitty, you perhaps need to brush up on your cultural sensitivity. Afterall, did you really think I would offer you a big place you might have heard of ? You are, afterall, a usurper, an invader, an aggressor, an offensive force who wants a slice of Europe all for himself just because he's lost a couple of testosterone tanks. When I was neutered -see, I can actually say the word - I didn't go and stamp on Norway, I simply took it in my stride (which was a little sore) and took pride in what was already mine, valuing it more for what I had lost.

    Shame on you, King Spitty, for misinterpreting my honest actions. I do not think you are the sort of feline I wish to share my precious homeland with as you so clearly object to places, which we love, simply because of the name. We practice tolerance here, and expect all others to do the same. Mighty Finland is a proud nation - we have been invaded many times over history, so the offer of any territory was not an easy gift to make to you and took much pondering on my part.

    I now have to defend my kingdom from you, which I will do of course. Loyal readers in Finland (North), you are safe and have nothing to fear. Mirksu missiles are primed, ninja defences will never be breached and we have an ultimate weapon of mass destruction in Stran's litter box offerings. These of course are a last resort, as I fully expect King Spitty to do the honorable thing and back off. Unless of course he makes some sort of peace offering such as a piece of the Golden Gate bridge or at least a street of San Francisco, in recompense as I am now mightily offended.

  11. Good Cod, Spitty. This post made us laugh till tears rolled down our cheeks. BRASS balls, Spitty? Won't that weigh you down?

  12. Great balls of fire!!!!! Spitty, you have been bought good and proper!!! But hey, that's politics!!! You realise those dames are really big into ball sports?? Watchout, buddy!!

    And you've seriously upset the Fins, too!!! *sigh* Diplomacy, Spit, diplomacy! I guess, should Katie win, you won't be sent as ambassador to Finland!


  13. Well Spitty, that's a really nice pair!!!

  14. I iz speechless...with lafter but I duz agree Katie iz sooper speshal an thoze noo balls izn't going anyware iz they?

  15. Well, well, well, we were waiting for all the lobbying to begin and it seems to be going on full swing now!! This campaign is getting very interesting and every day seems to bring new twists and turns!!

  16. Oh my COD, Spitty, that is soooooo funny. Our Mom fell off the chair laughing and of all things we had to hoist her back up there. We are so glad you got your favorite parts back and brass ones at that. Take care.

  17. My esteemed King Spitty

    I assume your last comment to me was a sort of apology, and it is accepted. I look forward to photographic evidence, such as a street sign, as proof that your word is in fact your honour. I do think the Golden Gate bridge would be golden if I visited.

    And in return, I can offer you Kiimamaan Prinssi, Prince of Kiimamaa. This, should you wish an attempt at translation means the Land of Rutting so somehow I think that coat fits you. You have honorary rights only and I can boot you out if you ever upset me or any Finn friends ever again. Accept it or regret it, Brassballs.

    And as for the British stuff, you have to talk to residents of the UK for that. I am sure if you ask them about cottaging on the Isle of Wight with Sir Paul they will listen.

  18. Oh Spitty, youz had uz laffin sooooooooo much, What a great pair you have there :)
    Have a great Caturday :) xxxxxx

  19. I don't know about Katie but this little ghetto cat is ready to drop a few BIG ones on Finland. Na mean. Don't give 'em anything!

    Welcome aboard Team Katie, where our $$ and nip is as good as the next cats. We're glad we could finally offer you some comfort from your harrowing ordeal. I look forward to working and napping beside you.

  20. Spitty all i can say is if you can be bought...then Katie is our gal! MOL!
    Love, Cody

  21. Just when you think you've seen it all...those are some king sized balls you have there :)

  22. Spitty, that is a magnificent pair you have there! But isn't that kind of a bribe?? We didn't think you could be bought...but it appears Katie got you where it really counts! :)

  23. You've had your new pair only a day, and it appears you have already caused an international incident with Finland. Spitty, those things should come with a warning label.

  24. We think someone is trying to bribe someone

  25. O...M...C! That is halirious.

    On the other hand, we refuse to have the SLIGHTEST idea what is being referenced here.


    ~ Ayla and Iza

  26. What are those...?????? *leans over so momma Ellie can meow in ear* What's that momma? Those are wha??? *blush*


  27. Oh dear!!!! so then dreams do come true!!!


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