Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not-A-Garden-Tour #16: Crissy Field

A couple of weeks ago, the Human and Aggie and Wally and Madie's Dad
went for a nice walk at Crissy Field, formerly part of the Presidio,
now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area--or something.
The path stretches for about two miles or so, 
from Fort Point to the Marina Green.
Here is a long-billed curlew. Hmmm. Does it look curly to you?
No, me neither.
Now here's an original shot, eh? I wonder what it is.
This friendly lady named Aimee Porter was a dog trainer,
who had her sweet & obedient
students pose for us....
except for naughty Gordon, who needed a time out.
Near the end of their walk, they came upon this group of intent visiting science teachers
dutifully absorbed in examining these rocks.
It was too sad to tell them this is all land fill and those interesting rocks
probably came from San Jose or sumfing.
Finally, here's another view of you-know-what.
So "artistic," huh,
there between the palms?


  1. That's one of the Woman's favorite places. She likes to walk from the BART on Market all the way to the GGB but she likes the views from Crissy Field and from near the Warming Hut the best.

    Some day she'll take me with her...there are bird to catch there, man!

  2. Yo! Dude! We get a post from your Mom becuase YOU are visiting with all the lady cats at Callie's birthday party?

  3. Our Mommy thinks that last pic is great! She's into artsy-fartsy. MOL!

  4. My mom liked the last picture of I-know-what :)
    We both liked the picture wiff all the woffies too.
    I think woffies are OK , when they ar flat on a picture *mol*

  5. We-know-what whot? A unique giant red ladder? Why is it sticking out in the middle of nowhere? MOL. Just kiddin'
    Nice pictures, but we want more Spitty!

  6. Master had 12 hours in SFO on a lay over, on the way back to NZ, between flights... after looking around that old prison on the rock, on the way back on the ferry he spotted Coit tower up on the hill, and decided to walk up there... didn't look too far eh?
    Yeah he was a bit puffed when he got to the top, but the view was worth it!

  7. Love the picture of all the woofies all lined up. Good stuff and the bird does not look too curly to us either.Hope you all have a special day.

  8. Dieschonheit was returning a visit by my human brothers to his home and family in NZ when his master had that layover on his way back to NZ just as my brothers had the same layover on their way back FROM NZ. topic, wasn't that? Heeee.

  9. I really enjoy taking a look around, even if it isn't a garden!

  10. I definitely prefer my birds curly, dude! That bridge contraption is ok, but not a patch on the one in Menai!! Just saying .... ;)

  11. I am seriously concerned that your human was consorting with dogs. This is just not acceptable and cannot be rewarded with a photo or 90 posted on your blog.

    Ha ha ha about the rocks, though.

  12. Seems like theres always something going on there! Lots to see & do! Looks like it might have been a cool-ish day when the pictures were taken.

    pee ess: Being a Minnesotan (and not having her glasses on), at first glance mom thought that picture of the bird was a close up of a mosquito!

  13. That's a whole lot of dog in that one class, huh? MOUSES!

  14. Hay, she's likes the DOG WHISPERER!! Oh, I finks he's lovely :)I luvs the way they's all sittin on the wall.. 10 FURRY DOGGIES SITTIN ON THE, AND IF ONE FURRY DOGGIE, ACCIENTALLY FALL, THERE BE 9 FURRY DOGGIES, SITTIN ON A WALL!!:) fowght you's like that song..Is yoo's comin over to votes foe me ???
    Mollie xx

  15. I love the picture of all the dogs on the wall.

  16. Cute woofies. Mom says she loves trees and CA, probably nefer see it again, except in lovely photos.

  17. wow, your mommy has lots of explaining to do... She associated with doggies, she's trying to sell a bridge, she ruined a teacher's learning experience, and she took a picture of a bird but didnt bring it back for your dinner! Shocking....
    We think Kosmo is right, you're not in any of the pictures because you're too busy dragging your pink beddy from girl kitty to girl kitty at Callie's party!

  18. Oh we all think your NOT a garden tour is so much more exciting than Momma's pink flowers. MOL


  19. only been once, but we love it. Wonderful that we live in such a great environment, huh Spitty?? Paw pats, Savannah

  20. Yo! Spit-man, save it for Senile Saturday! This is a day for you to post, not your human, she sez all tongue in cheeky.

  21. Check out those woofies, Spitty! Only woofies would sit and obey like that. We bet Gordo there has some cat in him.

  22. That might not be a garden, but it IS one of our favorite places to visit. :) Get a load of those woofies doing tricks. MOL!

  23. Those doggies could have totally won a medal for balance beam that was awesome training. That one red thing was so familiar very good Not A Garden Tour

  24. I'll take one 'naughty Gordon' and one 'sarcastic Spitty' to go please.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  25. Oy! Don't go giving our mom ideas! We live outside DC and they have all kinds of pointy things and monuments and stuff. And the big Smithsonian elephant and pandas.

    Nice photos though. The dogs were cute, and obedient! We liked the red ladder with palms.

  26. Nice photos! I so miss living in Northern Cal!


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