Sunday, July 4, 2021

Sunday Selfie:
Buddy, the Beast in the Bedroom

Well, Furiends, as you can see, my life has been thrown into chaos and distress. In *my* bedroom (there is only ONE in this apartment and it is mine-all-mine) lurks a large, lumbering Beast called (ironically, I presume) "Buddy." He's twice my size and real stinky, and he's been here for like three years already, or maybe I mean weeks? Well, it seems like years. I don't care much for him.

Sometimes I hang out around his partially-closed door and sniff and scream a little. Tonight he was playing loudly with his (my*) fevvers and I trotted right in. We both hissed once and then I ran away right quick before he could EAT me.

The Lady here says eventually we will get used to each other, but I am unconvinced.

*Everything here is mine. I was here first!