Saturday, November 21, 2020

Sunday Selfie: We Didn't Mean to Disappear

Hi Kitties & Humans,

We were on a roll, were we not? And then came Thursday.

The Human and a friend took lunch out to Fort Point to enjoy the sun and crashing surf. And all was well until...the stoopy Human climbed over the chain to enjoy a stroll along the sea wall and the delightful view of the underside of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

As she climbed over the chain to return to the parking lot side, she failed to accomplish the most basic task of lifting her trailing foot high enough to clear the chain, thus catching the toe of her shoe on the chain and taking the kind of fall that haunts Old People's nightmares!

After much drama involving the aforementioned companion, a Bridge Patrol officer, a small crowd, a former marine medic, and the sweetest Weimaraner ever, her loyal best friend and former college roommate arrived to save the day, ferrying the Human to urgent care, the lunch companion to his home, and even fetching the Human's insurance cards from her apartment.* 

In the end, after a thorough once-over, x-rays, and some very tidy stitches across her left knee, the Human got home safe-ish and sound-ish, and extremely uncooperative with my efforts to make her blog for me. Even now, I have to tell her story, rather than my own tale of deprivation: little attention, almost no hallway playtimes, and irregular food delivery.

Other than her occasional whimpering and tendency to walk like Frankenstein's monster, we are getting back to normal and hope to resume communications in the next few days. How stoopy is my Human, anyway? Does she think she's broken her fingers??

*Tip for all: Carry your insurance info. This goes double for Humans as stoopy and apparently clumsy as mine.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

(Not So Very) Wordless Wednesday

Hello New Friends, I am Grayson (above right) and She Who Must Be Obeyed is on the left. Though she is all-black, she does have the most wondrous pure white whiskers, which I must say I envy. I hope Spitty's Mama (henceforth SM) will get a good picture of those whiskers soon.* We have both lived Outside all our lives as far as any of the HBs (what we call the Tall Hairless Ones) know, and we aren't saying any different. The Chief HB tells SM that she thinks we are somewhere around 10 or 12, but again, we are not saying. That information is on a need-to-know basis. Even though we live Outside, we have many creature comforts, including a lovely garden all our own, a nice building with a gated forecourt to keep the HBs out, and a secret way to get underneath the building to keep out of the rain and away from any unwelcome visitors. Okay, I think that's it for now. We might see you again next week, and in the meantime here's a video from this morning's foodtime!

You may notice that SM calls us The McChonkersons 'cause she thinks we look pretty well-fed for Outside kitties. That's pretty rich coming from her. I wonder if she's looked in a mirror lately? 

*P.S. Found one!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Relaxicat Says . . .

Step right up and tell me your troubles. Relaxicat™ has plenty of wise advice for you!

Stressed out over politics?
Take a nap!

Worried about the pandemic?
Take a nap!

Feeling depressed about the holidays?
Take a nap!

That'll be $100 or four toonas. PayPal and PayFish gladly accepted.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Selfie: Chiaroscuro Spitty


Just so you know, I had to teach the Human what this word meant. Her fine arts vocabulary is a crying shame.

I am sure you other Kitties can do the same for your People.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

I'd Prefer the Whole Peacock

Still, the Human told me they're kind of mean and screechy, so maybe I'm glad someone just pulled its fevvers right out. Take that, Birdie!
Hope EveryKitty is having a happy 🐈urday! 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Those Other Kitties

Perhaps you recall Grayson, one of the two semi-feral kitties the Human has been feeding a couple of times a week for the past year. 

If you listen closely, you can hear him saying, "You know, Lady, our bowls are empty, and honestly, I'd enjoy chatting with you a lot more if you got to scooping out our food right quick."

Grayson and the Mrs. (who is a bit camera-shy) seem like Good Eggs, though I am not really interested in meeting them, and I am pretty sure they'd say the same! 

The Human has come to feel quite fond of them, though, and she says they would like to offer their thoughts occasionally on *my* blog. I guessssssss that's okay, right?

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Baby Yoda and Me

Shortly before Halloween, we went to Benecia*, a charming quiet town about 35 miles northeast of San Francisco that was once the state capital. On the main drag is a bakery called One House that produces toothsome pastries**, and this year, a funtastic Halloween display.

Fans of The Mandalorian will recognize Mando on the right, next to the adorable Baby Yoda***. The 'droid at left was constructed entirely from kitchen gadgets, and the others' attire was made from bread! 

* All right, yes, if you want to be a nitpicker, my visit may have been virtual.

** About which I could not care less. But they seem to matter to the Human and her friend. I think maybe they could have gone fishing off the little pier and brought me a bass or something. But Nooooooooo! Nary a thought was spared for the kitty!

*** Not as "adorable" as me, of course.


Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Well, hello Kitties

Here we are again, turning up like a bad penny (whatever that is supposed to mean). I have missed all of you, and the Human has, too (though honestly, her lack of action leads me to doubt her sincerity). Still, she's been a wreck over the election and the Covid and the hot weather and the general malaise that seems to have settled over the Humans. Like that's our problem, right?

Hope efurrybody had a good pandemic Halloween (our neighborhood looked more festive than usual--which was kind of fun). We are both feeling more chipper now that the weird and lingering warm weather has cooled off considerably. I am trying to parlay that into some posts, but with Her, who knows? 

We hope to have a super-belated Halloween post tomorrow!