Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Mayday

. . . and I find myself nostalgic for that grand parade in Red Square with the tanks and the missiles and the BigWigs atop Lenin's tomb waving to the crowds! Spring is in the air!
Could a ManCat like myself pull off wearing a babushka, do you think?

Oh my Cod! Oh my Cod! Just looky at this! 
It's Purrfect!!
Now, THIS is what I need.
It's soooo much better than a babushka!
Oh, Huuuuuuuumaaaaaannnn?
We need to go shopping!
Thanks, Katnip Lounge!

Our Bouncing Baby gif

If the Human had not been so lazy (surprise!), she could have redone it again to set the speed a leetle faster or, even, better, she could have taken some bright shiny NEW pictures to use--imagine that!
But no, she was "not really feeling up to it," so we had to use old pictures that were not quite suitable.

Still, it's impossible not to appreciate viewing His Majesty at whatever speed and quality, 
so get out the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy yourselves!
Hey! Thanks, Glogirly for the eggs-cellent instructions!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hello, Kitties! Well, here it is Sunday and King Spitty is still awaiting some signs of his Human returning to Normal, such as "normal" is hereabouts. So far? Nada.
Meanwhile, I am working on my Relaxation Techniques for Easy Sunday.
Fortunately, it is not too difficult to earn a Black Belt in this rigorous discipline.
In fact, His Majesty has several.

Friday, April 27, 2012

UTC: Saturday Sulking

My Human appears damaged in some way. She hacks and coughs and sniffles and whines and complains. (Well, to be fair, she does those last two things all the time, so it's really not accurate to count them in as unusual behaviors.) 
She says she has the "Sick," courtesy of some colleagues who believe it is a noble thing to come to work and share their bacteria and viruses with those who are healthy.
The Human is displeased, and so am I, since, although she is staying home with me this weekend, she is not good for much of anything. Pffft! 
Anybody having a House Pawty?

Superfun diversion!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Formerly Feral Friday: I'm Late, I'm Late

. . . for a verreh impawtant date!
No time to say Hello, Goodbye!
I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Almost-a-Garden-Tour @ Not Just Flowers

This sweet little flower shop is the Human's favorite, right on her way to w-o-r-k. 
The Humans who work there are soooooo nice, and even if all you buy is a few little daisies
they add some nice greenery, and pretty paper, and cellophane 
and make it look all supercute and fancy.
See? Even I approve!

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Once a week,
I like to take a good baff
whether I need it or not.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tipsy Toozday

Kitties! Guess what! Guess what THIS is!
Well, can you guess?
Okay, okay, I will tell you: It is a Silvervine Pillow from Nip & Bones 
and a more exciting toy you will never find, Nosireebob, you will not!
The Human opened it for me when the box arrived the other day (the box contained other delights which I will speak about in the future); she is useful for some tasks. She laid it gently near me and, Kitties, I was transported! Transported, I tell you!
It is soft and fragrant and exciting.
Then (with my Human, there's always a "Then"), she took it away and wrapped it in its plastic bag and hid it, "for my own good," she says, "so I don't get too immune to its charms."
As if!
Kitties, You need one of these.
And you can get one, too!

ManCat Monday: The Back of Disrespect

You may ask, "Spitty, what did your Human do this time to merit the BoD?"
Well, Kitties, let me tell you right now.
I understand that we need to maintain an adequate treasury so that the King does not end up on the streets hunting pigeons--though, come to think of it, hmmmm, would that really be so bad?
However, it is the Royal Policy that such activities be confined to Monday-Friday. Thus, when the Human waved good-bye Caturday morning AND again Sunday afternoon, that was just too much!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Captain's Log: Stardate 2012.4.22

Since the arrival of the sleek Noo Bloo Starship (NBS1701-B), travel options have become more plentiful and complex. However, sometimes Scotty can't get the warp engines up to speed in the old tunnel and Sulu's navigational skills aren't honed finely enough for the new model. 
Please bear with me if I visit at an inconvenient time. A Captain's life is ever-challenging.
Earl Grey, hot.
Make it so.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thanks, You Shouldn't Have*

The Human says that my post yesterday was a shameless bid for compliments. 
To that I say: 

(*I don't really mean that "shouldn't have" part, but the Human does the typing)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Formerly Feral Friday

Don't spread it around, but I was kind of jealous of how 'dorable Aggie and Wally were the other day when they were all sleepies. I mean, I'm not competitive or nuffing. Nope, not me. 
But I wouldn't mind if you thought I was even cuter than they were.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not-A-Garden-Tour #13: Missed Meals

Although we live in the Concrete Jungle, Golden Gate Park is only a block away. 
Last Friday, the Human and Aggie and Wally's Dad celebrated the last official day of Spring Break 
with a lovely stroll around Stow Lake.

Below, you can (sort of) see an arched stone bridge connecting the outer path to Strawberry Hill:

But here's the ugly underbelly of their stroll. Look--just LOOK, Kitties!--at all the delicious treats those two "mighty hunters" could have brought home to me (okay, and Aggie and Wally, too), if they had not been so selfishly preoccupied with their own chattering:

Look at these tasty geese! How many meals would they have made?

Duck soup!

Mmmmm. Turtle on the freaking Half Shell!

Instead of bagging that wild game for us, they took this nice piiiiicture of the nice pavillllllion so all the other Humans can say, "Oh, that's so pretttttttty." Hrrrumph.
Well, I can't eat "pretty," now can I, Human?

Wordless Wednesday: Le Roi Soleil

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Spy

I spy on the Outside.
I spy on the Inside.
So far, the Outside is
waaaaaaaaay more interesting 
than the Human.
Surely that can't come as a surprise to anyone.

Monday, April 16, 2012

ManCat Monday

Here I am. This is not the Back of Disrespect (though it might well have been, as the Human went back to work today). No, I am rehearsing for a role in the sequel to Snakes on Planes.  
I think it's going pretty well, don't you?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunday with the Cousins

Hmmmm. I am a mite perturbed at the amount of squeeing my Human has been doing over this picture of Cousins Aggie and Wally. I mean, it's not like *I* want to cuddle with her or anything, but it hurts my feelings a little when she fawns over them, as if they are anywhere near as adorable as me!

Where's Waldo?

O hai, Kittehs
Could you find me in the first picture? Yes?
Well, I figured you could.

The exterior pictures show how I appear to my lucky subjects who get to have an audience with the King on pleasant days as I absorb some rays on my Windowsill Throne.
We live up about half-a-story, so it is not easy for passersby to actually tap on the glass or, worse, stick their grabby-fingers inside when the window is cracked a bit.
Still, it is thrilling for them just to catch a glimpse of my Royal Presence as they go about their mundane, plebeian errands. 

P.S. We had a very rare thunderstorm Thursday night with many lightning strikes on the bridges. Below is a pretty amazing shot of the Bay Bridge from the Chronicle's website:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Born To Be Wild

Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes my way

Kitties, Perhaps you will recall the Visit of the Introodur a few weeks ago?
Well, The Introodur's friend Stewart is an avid collector of 1950s & '60s Italian motorbikes.
And it just so happened that he loaned many of them to the SF airport for an exhibition that coincided with The Introodur's visit.
So off we went, and they were pretty darn cool bikes.
I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted,
but I think I made the best selection in the end, don't you agree?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I ♥ Loves ♥ My Neko Fly

The Human 'pologizes for the shaky cinéma vérité camera style, but she says it's hard to be the camera operator and the stunt coordinator at the same time, MOL.
Me, I 'pologizes for nuffing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Very Wordy Wednesday: Now I Know My ABCs

My furiend Nerissa tagged me for this Absolutely Brilliant and Colossal Award! 
Thanks, Nerissa!

Looky, looky:

I have to find adjectives beginning with each letter of the alphabet that describe ME, glorious ME!
Here goes:

A is for aloof
B is for bad
C is for cagey
D is for duplicitous
E is for egotistical
F is for fabulous
G is for grumpy
H is for handsome
I is for impolite
J is for jobless
K is for kingly (duh!)
L is for luxuriant
M is for mysterious
N is for nosy
O is for omniscient
P is for perfect
Q is for quixotic
R is for royal  (duh!)
S is for scintillating
T is for tasteful
U is for ubiquitous
V is for vengeful
W is for wary
X is for xenophobic
Y is for youthful
Z is for zippy & zesty

Now I am going to tag five of my furiends' fabulous blogs. Let us hear your ABCs!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Surely You Can't Expect Me to Play with This?

I wish my package from Nip & Bones would get here because this little plastic rattly ball just isn't doing anything for me anymore.
Or I'm going on strike. Yeah, that's it: Strike!

Monday, April 9, 2012

All Right, Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for My Close-Up

Happy Monday! 
Usually, Kitties, that phrase is an oxymoron (and if you had a good English teacher, you will know what that is).
Today, however, is the first day of the Human's Spring Break week.
And why does that matter to moi, you may ask? 
Well, it's hard for her to be a really first-class servant if she's not here, that's why!
Already, she has made one trip to PetSmart and I have hopes that there may be another. 
Life is gooooooooood

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here Comes Spitty-Floofy-Tail

Hopping down the Tuna Trail
Happy Easter Day!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can We Talk?


So, today marks 1,000 days since my Human last smoked a cigarette. No, she's not really so obsessive as to have counted them all off one by one. When she quit, she joined a website called QuitNet that keeps track of your days and how much money you've saved based on how much you smoked and cost-per-pack when you quit.

She's pretty impressed with herself for getting her comma. In fact, she's well-nigh insufferable about it today. Of course, since she's well-nigh insufferable on a lot of days, it's not so very unusual. 

By the way, I think I'm looking especially handsome today, all curled up and comfortable. I didn't even mind the Flashy Box in my face. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

What Am I Doing?

Um, nothing
Why do you ask?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Further Adventures of Neighborhood Watch Cat

Well, they're not quite as bad as they were, 
but the windows still need some major scrubbing. 
Neighborhood Watch Cat has his standards.
Now, here's our first victim passerby.
The pink shirt & magenta shoes might be forgivable,
but that capri look
is just not workin' for her.
At least her jacket is black.
The Human waited to get the biker in the shot
so the second set of victims passersby
almost escaped the flashy box. Here they are in full:
So, ladies, what's up with the pastel parkas?
Tsk, tsk! Such an S.F. Fashion Faux Pas!
Black or gray; gray or black. Take your pick.
Please remember that when you leave your home.
(The white pants and shoes leave Spitty so appalled he is speechless.)
Oh, and Biker Lady? That belted aqua jacket? Ouch!
Just turn our neighborhood into Dorkville, whydontcha?
Humans, Listen up:
Try to look your best if you
come strolling down my street!