Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Mayday

. . . and I find myself nostalgic for that grand parade in Red Square with the tanks and the missiles and the BigWigs atop Lenin's tomb waving to the crowds! Spring is in the air!
Could a ManCat like myself pull off wearing a babushka, do you think?

Oh my Cod! Oh my Cod! Just looky at this! 
It's Purrfect!!
Now, THIS is what I need.
It's soooo much better than a babushka!
Oh, Huuuuuuuumaaaaaannnn?
We need to go shopping!
Thanks, Katnip Lounge!


  1. spitty, we are intrigued about what's around your neck.

    Emma and Buster

  2. That is quite the different take on May Day than what I have been hearing elsewhere!

  3. Dood, you can probably wear a babushka, but I will be required to pick on you for it for a long, long time... ;)

    And it can't freaking be May yet. It can't!

  4. You? In a babushka? MOL. This I have GOT TO SEE!


  5. Spitty, MY mom had a good smile over your May Day rememberances. She remembers that too. :-))) WE never get to see those displays any longer. At least we don't coming from there. Mom is STILL smiling. Get a life, woman!

    Your nose and my nose look alike. Could we compare nose prints perhaps? We may have some intricate pattern variations. Got windows? Let's go for it. Admiral used to stamp her noseie print on any and everything.

    pee ess, so glad you liked my picture of "Katie Reclining" Heeeeee. <3

  6. Maybe we could stage our own parade, comrade. We could maybe get these military things at the cooperative store!

  7. Did you wash your face with the dew this morning? I was gonna but then I thought better of it.

  8. Oh Spitty!
    Yous is just too too handsome for words! Can yous come and gets me and Sassy?
    Please, Please, Please. Sassy's mewing is not only getting to me, bt the dog in the next cell is ready to eats her if she does not shut up! And me has to be in Michigan Thursday!
    Did me tells yous how HANDSOME yous your black fur looks surrounded by white?
    Lots of Kisses

  9. Your royalty can pull it off fur sure!

  10. Spitty, THIS is the attire for you:

    Ignore the word "dog" in the link...

  11. Hi Spitty! I'm sure you will be super handsome wearing babushka! Happy May Day!

  12. We are in agreement with Spitty. THAT is the attire for you! Babooshka, schmamooshka.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. King Spitty, we think you could pull off absolutely anything, handsome boy!!...We are lost in your eyes~swoon~WOOOOHOOOOO, you always make our day, sexy Spitty!!...Happy week and month ahead, precious friend...xoxo from your devoted girls...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Someone used to have that design on their Twitter page years ago. I think it was ShittyKitty. Come and join me on the May Day march to Wall Street with Occupy Wall Street, a new May Day tradition.

  15. MOL
    Comrade Spitty!


  16. Happy Mayday, Spitty! Whatever you want to revolt against, we'll join you!!

  17. Holy Cow! The mom was thinking today was May Day and a big holiday for Russians. Thank goodness she didn't dress us as babuskas! Thank goodness no one here is a Russian Blue!

  18. Go for it, Spitty! You are so handsome, you can TOTALLY pull it off!

  19. Spitty Dear, you could wear ANYthing! You make everything look good!

  20. That's right, can do or wear ANYTHING you want on May Day. And June Day. July, August...
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  21. Maxwell: um, Dude. Momma calls Faraday her little babushka. We thought that has something to do wif snot-nosed BABIES....


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