Tuesday, January 28, 2020

(Semi-) Wordless Wednesday

Hi Kitties,  Here I am, awake again. At my age, that's an accomplishment, don't you think?
The Human dragged out one of my favorite toys of days gone by. (She is sorry to say it is made of real rabbit furs, a fact she did not know when she purchased it.) Me, I don't care about such things. I just care that it's intoxicating!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

(Not Exactly a) Sunday Selfie: Her Other Cats

So apparently I am no longer the "only child" I have always believed myself to be. A few months ago, the Human joined a small, informal group that feeds some feral kitties in the city (who are all spayed and neutered and well fed and cared for). Once a week, she feeds and checks up on two kitties within pretty easy walking distance of our house. (But not to worry that they are only fed one time a week! They are cared for every day by other people who are not my Human). 
She has to be careful not to try to touch them or interact much, as they are in a busy area where it might not be safe for them to get too friendly with people.
This is a little black-and-white girl having her Saturday brunch this morning. Her male companion, a lovely big gray boy, is not so trusting of the Human and he tries to stay well out of sight while he has his noms.
Ordinarily I am not much for sharing the Human, but I can live with this, especially given my own origins. As long as she does not get any cray-cray ideas about bringing anykitty home with her!

Friday, January 24, 2020

I Have Hallway Adventures

Hello Frens!  Well, here's a nice video in which I am
not asleep. For the past few weeks, the Human has 
been letting me out to explore the building's 
hallway (not to worry--there is a large heavy locked
door between moi and the great outdoors). I am only 
allowed to do this under direct supervision and only
around midnight when comings and goings 
of the Humans have ceased. My Human says I am
becoming quite Alzheimery in my dotage, and forgetting
that I am terrified of anyone or anything new.
Guess what?
The floor out here *isn't* lava!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday

Well, let's be honest here. I am so in love 
with my special tent, and my gray beddy with the stars
that, really, words are totally unnecessary.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sunday Selfie: Toasted

Happy Sunday, EveryKitty! I hope you have found yourselves
a nice winter sunpuddle 🌞(or summer sunpuddle as the case may be).
Me, I am so very comfertabuls even the Human's interruptions
cannot ruin my blissful mood.

Friday, January 17, 2020

All Right, She's Not All Bad

My fantabulous Secret Paws. the wonderful Peaches and Paprika, sent me this comfy tent which I love. And then yesterday the Human went all the way out to PetSmart in the scary rain and hail and spent her own hard-earned cash to buy me a nice little gray and white beddy with stars ★★★ on it to put inside my cozy tent. Sometimes the Humans surprise us, eh?

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Selfie: My Day of Rest

Hello Kitties! Yes, it's me, doing an actual Sunday Selfie. Not that I'm awake for it, you understand. No, on Sunday, Spitty snoozes. It's a rule. Just like all the other days.

The Human's not much better, you know, what with her Sunday afternoon nappies. She didn't want me to tell on her like that, but Spitty don't take no orders from no stoopy Humans.

Friday, January 10, 2020

For Mature Kittehs and Humans Only

Kittens: Cover your eyes! Some vegetables aren't meant to be seen by those of tender years.

The Human volunteers once a week at Meals on Wheels, packing and then delivering groceries to MoW clients. She feels she has become something of an expert on Weird VegetablesAnd in her estimation, the very weirdest of all the vegetables is the lowly carrot

Over the years, carrots have provided many occasions of mirth, but this carrot? 

Well, Kitties, this is a carrot for the ages. Grown adults pretty much lost it.

Myself, I find such third-grade humor unsophisticated and puerile. But she titters every time she looks at it. 

Why am I not surprised?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Let's Party Like It's 2020

Oh wait . . . it is 2020!

How the heck did that happen, and why am I a week late in wishing all of you a Happy New Year? (But honestly, don't we all know the answer to that?)

I got a new fisharoo from my wonderful Secret Paws, 
Peaches and Paprika, and it is my very favorite thing now. I put the bitey on it and enter a trance-like state.

The Human's "working on things." Or so she says. Don't hold your breff is my advice.