Friday, December 14, 2012

Caturday Triple Play

 Near the Human's school is a street named after You-Know-Who
But where's Spitty Alley?
Shhhh. Don't tell anyone but sometimes I sit in the Human's lap
while I visit my furiends. Shhhh.
The Human is pleased with the file cabinet tableau in her office.


  1. You LAP SIT!?!

    Spitty, bro...that involves Major Touching. Just what did they remove at the vet's office?

    Yr UnTouchable Pal, Scairty Scouty

  2. You're a LAP CAT! I thought I knew you too. I pay be a Daddy's girl but I draw the line at laps.

  3. Spitty - sometimes Sherpa sits in my lap too. And he PURRS

  4. She should be pleased. It looks great. It would look even better with sum Spitty on it!

  5. Spitty? On a lap??? *thud*

    Star says: Mom fainted... weirdo.. Spitty, I'm glad you've discovered something wonderful about humans. They're a great source of warmth! Not the aw-I-love-you kind, but the body heat. Works well when there are no sunbeams!

  6. I often supervise my human from the back of her chair. Her lap? Feh. You will rarely find me there, and only for seconds at a time.

  7. Nothing wrong with lapsitting - it's warm and comfy, and as you have seen Äiti is quite bouncy, hehehe. And as for her harsh voice - she's no Miss Jean Brodie. You need a lower voice to survive in teaching these days man! When Äiti blogs I quite often wrap myself round one hand as a 'kitten mitten' - she only needs one hand to type afterall.
    So there's a road called Nellie. Wethinks you should have Punapippuri Place there too.

  8. Oh my COD, you are lap sitting, Spitty. Yikes, but I bet it is kind of fun. And you can help visit your friends much better from there. Mahoney sends smooches by the way. She went nuts when she saw those great black ears. Take care.

  9. I think being a LapSpitty is A-O-K!!!


  10. ooo I iz also pleezed with teh offiss tablow, vurry effectiv I do thinks an of corss you iz looking az handsome az evar dear Spitty xoxo

  11. Lap sitting is fine, especially when you get to hit buttons and annoy the human.

  12. No Spitty Avenue? Spitty Court? Spitty Highway? How can this be? You're gonna have to pass a law or something and make 'em make one. purrs

  13. Lap?
    LAP SITTING?????????
    Oh, Spitty...what have you done?

    Pee S - Glogirly is squeeing over that light up ball thing. Apparently she MUST know what it is and where your human got it. I don't know why. It doesn't even look like a cat.

    ; ) Katie

  14. Nap hugging, you big softy :) Can my Humom have that lamp??? xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  15. I understand lap sitting at the computer. The human can't work as well as she wants, and cat ends up getting a treat. This technique is used daily by my senior cat Wart!

  16. you may has to head to Australia:

    I'll go wif you. i speak teh languages.

    xo Sparky

  17. It's OK, Spitty. I sit in mommy's lap sometimes, too. But I don't let her type when I'm there; I demand total attention. *Fluffs tail*

  18. Dearest Spitty,
    Thanks yous for posting about Nellie Avenue. Me is too much of a lady to toots my own horn. And a Spitfire Avenue in Australia! Wowzzers, see peoples who lives further away appreciates yous more than the peoples who lives close. Mr D next door uses the swearing sounds when me is in his yard!
    And Spitty, LAPS is the best place to visit bogs! That way your thoughts goes directly to the peoples fingers!

  19. Well of COURSE there's a road called Nellie! And I bet it's paved with good intentions!

    That Woman did the oooohhhh thing over your humans tableau. She was very impressed with the giant lit up ball. In fact, *I* noticed your human has quite a lot of balls represented in that little scene. I wonder if she's overcompensating... NAH, that can't be it I'm sure.

    We can see why you have put the furrrari up for a bit. It took my human quite a few hours just show that one with Ollie in MY ride. In fact, once I peel the duct tape off him and let him back down there should be lots more fun photos to take of that! MOL!

    He was warned after all.

    xoxo darling flinty one

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  20. Well... I guess if everyone is spilling the beans... our Miss Zoey is a lap sitter too!! And so is Peanut, Harley, Zee, Jazz and Kizmet!! The only one's who say "no way" are Mia and Rolz!! It can get a bit crowded at times...

  21. Awwww Spitty! You are letting your sentimental side show! I love it!
    I also LOVE that Nellie has her own street!
    Your objects d'art on your human's desk are quite beautiful!

  22. Spitty, Spitty, the mighty have fallen.

  23. Spitty
    You're a softie at heart and we love your Mom view. That is an adorable Christmas tree.

  24. Spitty, I like to sit on the mom's lap when she helps us visit our furiends. I hafta make sure she types exactly what we want her to. She needs close direction.


  25. Nothing wrong with lap-sitting! The humans are good heaters.

    We like that tableau.

    I'm sure there is a Spitty Lane (Road, Blvd., Way, Drive, etc) somewhere.

  26. We sit behind mum on the couch, read over her shoulder. Then we can dictate our comments to her to type.

  27. Well then, Spitty, we have something in common. I sit in my human's lap too when she uses the computer :)

  28. You axed where my tail went. The photo was photoshopped and TW used a pic where my tail is chopped. She thought that no one would notice since it was blended in with the chair. MOL!


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