Saturday, October 17, 2015

                 Food, Glorious Food!

Sometimes I think of my youth (BNBR*), 
and how I didn't much like to eat, and I just 
laugh and laugh! Now, I can barely wait till 
she scoops it out of its little container.

*Before Naughty-Bit Removal


  1. You're supposed to eat it, Spitty, not wear it. ;)

  2. That makes sense. You were preoccupied with one thing back then, now you have room in your brain for more things. However, we think you're still a lady's mancat!

  3. You were much like Luke the goat I suppose. He is not thinking of much right now but of how to get in the doe pen.

  4. Yes dude, you eat it not wear it!!!!!

    Emma and Buster

  5. I love food too! I could eat it all day if only my human would let me... which she refuses to do! :-(

  6. The love of food
    Meets the Autumn leaves dropping
    The ground they meet is quiet.

    Did you figure that out? Neither did we. Thats because TBT wrote it and even Bast cant unnerstand him most times... Now eat all that foods, and come over and nap on my silken tummy. ~ IZA-Lanbie

  7. we want to make some snide comment involving Freud.


    Damn. Nothin'.

    Anyway, thanks for giving Mommy and earworm!

  8. Um, we got a comment tha we think was meant fer you...

    "Note for Spitty: I would have a blog if a I had a cat. But, since I don't, it would be a very boring old blog indeed.

    Sydney, Australia"

    Hope that mkes sense...

  9. Spitty - if this pic shows your usual dinner, then I'm pleased to see that your human doesn't try to get away with half a can, like your auntie did not long ago.

    And yes, I left a comment on Mark's Mews blogs because you'd left one for me. It was good of them to copy it here also.

    Sydney, Australia

    1. I am appalled at the things you said about darling, floofy Iza-Lambie and her silken tum. Perhaps I will not love you anymore, Ms. Megan if you don't soothe her now, and tell her how very beauteous she is! ~Your formerly devoted fan, Spitty

  10. Spitty, I love how you stand up for your ladycatS, emphasis on catS! BUT, I am one of them and somewhere in your flinty heart you may have a favorite one...Caroline? Me? Isa? CK?

  11. Mommy said most of the day, literally, leaning against a heating pad actually helped her back a bit! XXOO to you both.Therapy three times a week from now on.

  12. It looks like you are wallowing in it!

  13. Hey Spitty, I bet we can teach you how to open those containers on your own.

  14. Whoa! Does your human let you eat Whiskas? I love it but TW sez it has really bad things in it that she won’t let me eat. Sigh.


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