Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catching Up, Part Deux

Okay, so here are two leftover items from last week.

The Big Loud Machine that the Human relies on instead of her feet was in the shop for Four Whole Days. O woe was her: She had to actually use her feet to get around, and in doing so discovered many lovely nooks and crannies she normally overlooks when she is in the Big Loud Machine.

Perhaps sadly, it has been returned to her now (in exchange for more Green Papers than I can even imagine in my giant kitty brain), so she will probably stop noticing these little gems.

The second item involves my next-door neighbor, my distant Juliet #2. Although she cannot come out on the deck to commune with me through the kitchen window as Juliet #1 did, she does watch over me and vice-versa. In the photo below, she appears stealthily perched on her dining room window sill, gazing down upon me. Look carefully now!


  1. Your nearby Juliet #2 is quite striking, Spitty, but what do you really know about her? Is she as cranky and temperamental (emphasis on "mental")and lithe and gorgeous as ME?

    I thought not.

    XX The Baby, aka Madame du Pompadour

  2. Your friend is very beautiful and I am glad that she can see you!
    I hope your mom is satisfied that her car is now repaired so she can whiz around town. Good thing she had a few days to appreciate the beauty


  3. I am glad you can see Juliet #2, keep looking, don't give up. Hooray for Mom getting her wheeled box back!

  4. Well, Spitty, Juliet #2 is a beautiful neighbor, but is she as devoted to you as we are?...Oh, handsome boy, we love you no matter what!!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Spitty
    Juliet #2 is quite a beauty.
    I bet you too have quite a bit in common.
    We are sorry to hear about your Mom's loss of green papers for the metal machine.



  6. It's lovely you have an admiring neighbor, Spitty. BLMs are like PCs--fun when they work, annoying when they don't.

    P.S. My word is 'messes'!


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