Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heat Wave, Day 2

Oh Bast, it's hot!

current conditions
Updated: 3:40 PM PDT August 24 2010
 101° F
 Wind: NW at 9.0 mph
 Humidity: 25%
 Visibility: 10.0 miles

Kitties, it is over 100 degrees here and I feel all fainty. I really am not sure I will survive this terrible heat wave. My head is hot, my perky ears are hot, my pretty paws are hot, my tummy is hot, even my floofy, luxurious tail is hot. 

If only someone would bring me some nice fresh ice water in a crystal bowl, and a just a dab of tuna on a small china plate! 


  1. Oh dear Spitty...now that is HOT!!



  2. That's VERY hot! We hope your servant brings that ice water and tuna very soon, we're sure that would help. :-)

  3. It is very hot down here too, in the southern part of CA! So I say put in TWO orders for ice water in crystal and tuna on a china plate - one for you and one for me!

  4. Wow Spitty, that is too hot...the ice would surely melt!

  5. Spitty, we are putting our Mommy on a plane to you ASAP. She is an expert at hot weather. First She presses buttons on the box on the wall and cold air comes out of the blowey vents. Then we get ice in our bowls. Lastly She combs us with a damp comb so our furz can cool down.

    The only downside to this is She expects to kiss you on the lips and tummy. Lots.

  6. It is getting cooler here, no need for AC.

  7. Oh, hot Spitty, I just wanted to stop by and give you an open invitation to come over and lay your handsome head on my tummy anytime, sweet boy ::wink/wink::...kisses...Sukki

  8. Oh man, Spitty!! That's the kind of weather we had earlier this summer! We hope it cools off for you soon...or at least you get that ice water.

  9. 100 ! oh flying furrs that is hot.

    you need come ice chips to lick on!

    - us4 cats

  10. Oh my Spitty that is very hot. That is how it has been here all summer long. But we know you aren't used to that hot hot hot hot. You need to get a fan too along with the ice water and tuna. Hope you can find a way to stay cool.

  11. Dude, come over and visit me. It's like FREEZING here. We even had a hail storm last night.

  12. Yup, that's hot. It's 60F and rainy here. Would you like that better?

  13. Ooooh, that is especially hot for SF. Isn't this time of year there usually cool and foggy? You are hotter than we are in south Florida today!

  14. Oh my goodness, is that a record or what? I guess you survived but probably just barely!

  15. Spitty! I didn't know there were so many HOTS there! That HOT! Come here with me and I'll fan you..my tail is like a plume.


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