Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're baaaaaaack

Hi Kitties!  Well, the Human did return this afternoon, after what she called a "harrowing" half hour over the Siskiyou summit, followed by many long boring hours through the long boring valley. I think she's just a wuss, to tell you the truth.

Not to mention, she's driving, for Bast's sake, and she decides to take a freaking picture through the car window!?

Also, while I was languishing here at home, she was cavorting with the Oregon Cousins, Buddy...
...and Nigel:

As you can see, they have not missed many meals up there. Or maybe it's all "floof" -- yeah, that's it. Floof.

Me? Well, I'm the forgiving sort (if there's Stinky Goodness and plenty of brushies involved, that is.) We'll be back to visiting tomorrow.


  1. Spitty, we're glad your human's home safe and sound. Tell her next time to keep both hands on the wheel! :-D

    As for Buddy and Nigel -- they look well-loved. Maybe a bit too well-loved in the food department. No, no, we're sure you're right, it's all floof. Besides, most of us in *this* house are looking a little too-well loved in that regard too!

  2. Oh wow, my teasing post was poorly timed - she's home already! Yes, it looks like your cousins definitely don't miss many meals! But they are handsome nonetheless. That black one looks like a woolly bear!

  3. My human cringed when she saw the scene through the car window - she would hate having to drive in that! But yeah, those two kitties your human was visiting with, they do look rather well-fed! I hope she did not come home smelling like them.

  4. Your Oregon cousins are quite "floofy," aren't they?? Hehehe....

  5. Your Oregon cousins are simply well loved and as you said, floofy. yeah, floofy. That's it.

    Your mommy really DID have a harrowing trip and thank goodness she's home and safe and giving you treats and brushies. My mom has have done that involuntarily a few times and it took 10 years off of her life she said. She's a wimp too.

  6. Holy Cod! Mommy says that weather is AWFUL!
    So she must be pretty gutless, too. AnyCat knows you just put it in four-paw drive and zip right through.

    Spitty, your cousins are, erm, HUGE! We hope your Human picked up some feeding tips whilst she was there.

    BTW--did we leave a crinkle ball there? We're missing a lime green one.

  7. Spitty, glad your Human is back safe and sound. I can see lots of sucking up will be involved to get back in your good graces.

  8. That's terrible weather !!!! We are so glad your mom is safe !!!!

  9. Welcome back! Don't worry, my mum would have been taking photos too.

  10. glad your Mom made it back safe and sound. Did she at least bring you a present after being gone so long and cheating on you with two other kitties?


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