Monday, November 15, 2010

Further Deep Thoughts with Spitty

1)  How much effort would it take to shred the bedroom curtains, or should I wait for the temperature to drop a little?
2)  I wonder how many more times I should eat the salmon flavor before she goes out and buys a case of it, which I will then refuse to even nibble on for months?
3)  If I tilt my head, can I make her get out my most favorite pink brushie before she even changes her clothes after work?
4)  How many plant leaves must I consume before I regurgitate them on the carpet? Because I don't want to have to eat too many extras.
5)  If I am extra nice (well, extra nice for me), can I score a jar of the baby meats this week?
6)  I wonder what's on Animal Planet today?
7)  Where's my dinner?


  1. What about...when will I get a new cat condo?

  2. Spitty-the-Kitty, you have magical talents. We're not really sure how to answer most of your questions, but I, Zoe, am intrigued by your ability to get brushies just by a look. I don't have that super power. Maybe I'm not old enough? How old are you? I'm only 4 - maybe when I get older I'll be able to do it?

    Your friend, Zoe

  3. Spitty, you think too much. We only think about #7 all the time...

  4. Hmmm, very profound questions Spitty! We are sure the right answers are those that give ya the best personal results...

  5. eat BABIES? Dang, you're hard core!

  6. PINK brushie?
    Pink BRUSHIE?

    Good Cod Spitty, don't say you're getting soft. You're my idol.

    ManCatfully Yrs, Scouty

  7. Wow Spitty, that is so much to ponder...I think I'll sleep on it!

  8. Spitty, you are a true philosopher!

  9. Spitty, You are a Man cat of many parts. You ponder the deepest of all cat concerns and I find that exhilarating! Yes...indeedy. *blush*

  10. Spitty, you have so many things to think about! All so funny thoughts :-) I especially liked #2. Your mom will be mad if you refuse after she buys a case! LOL!

  11. Funny, I was thinking like that too. I wonder if we dream alike.

  12. i think you and Audrey shares a mind sometimes...

  13. Good thoughts, Spitty! We were wondering the same things!

  14. Spitty
    I have to take my cues from you!
    Great thoughts!!!!



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