Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not-a-Garden-Tour #2: Off to the Toof V-e-t

Somebody must've had a tiny party last night as this was what appeared on the sidewalk outside the front door when the Human departed for her Wicked Toof V-e-t appointment this morning. Jack was alone. Perhaps his buddies were scattered over the next block or two?

These festive shoes (and purse) were in the window at the Cole Haan store downtown. The Human was enchanted by them, but (a) she could not afford them even if her yearly salary was twice its current level, and (b) her life is so pathetic she would have no place to wear them even if she could. Still, she is attracted by bright shiny things.

Several years back, the City commissioned many artists to make these hearts which served as public-art-cum-fundraiser for General Hospital. Most have vanished into oblivion, but a few are still scattered around town, including these two which mark entrances to Union Square, uncharacteristically empty on this drizzly morning.
On the way to the W.T.V.'s office, the Human passes a few galleries with generally overpriced art, like these two woofies which she can't quite visualize in our front hallway.

On the other hand, she's had her eye on these tiny kitties for many weeks now. Because she has had like a squillion W.T.V. appointments in the past two months, she has passed them in the shop window again and again and again and stopped to look each time. There is, naturally, no price tag on any of the items in this little gallery window display, but one day she's going to take a deep breath and go in and ask. They probably cost less than those fancy shoes, and besides, they're kitties!

Because she was early, she stopped for breakfast at an eensy cafe. This picture is her way of not-so-subtly suggesting that she eats nutritious little meals like this on a regular basis. Please excuse me while I fall to the floor wheezing with laughter.
Right next to the building where the W.T.V. does her Wicked Business were these scarves. Again with the pretty shiny things. Sigh. She didn't even bring one home for me to shred play with.

Ding! At last, the Human boarded the elevator and rode to the 7th floor.....

And then, and then, and then, she opened the door....and the Wicked Toof V-e-t was nowhere to be found! She was stuck in a giant traffic jam on a freeway somewhere! Hurray! So the Human and her teef went to work without seeing the W.T.V.after all.


  1. I'm not sure if that is good news or bad news Spitty!

  2. Yay! Your human got a reprieve! We love the not-a-garden stroll. We know Union Square usually has some colorful characters too, although not necessarily pretty and shiny. Have a good day Spittola, enjoy the rain.

  3. Oh mommy sat straight up when she helped me read this blog, Your mom and my mom are liking about the same there and my mom is also attracted by shiny things MOL.

    That ol' Jack and his tiny party..I am glad he didn't get rowdy and disturb YOU.

  4. We're not sure if the reprieve is good, Spitty. Your human has the appt. still hanging over her head!

    BTW, isn't there an expression to the effect of if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it? :-P

  5. The moment I saw that bottle of Jack, I thought "rock 'n' roll kitty!" 'Cause you know, that's what they drink when they party. That and the little bottles of Jaegermeister. I sort of got distracted after that until the kitty knickknack! Do they have dental treats for humans? It sound like yours could use some!

  6. Our Mommy is inordinately attracted to shiny things, and loves "fashion", whatever THAT is. Certainly not anything we've ever seen her wear...

  7. We like the shoos on the left side MUCH better than the right!

    The Jack bottle looks safer ta handle than the soda bottles TBT picked off the front lawn taday. He says that at least alcohol kills germies...

  8. That's sad Spitty,
    She should bring the pretty shiny things home for you to shred : ) But I guess you may can find something similar at home to SHRED with : )
    Have a wonderful day, Spitty

  9. Spitty
    We enjoyed the trip to the wicked toof vet (and the best part was she wasn't there!). Those were some great pictures.


    but we did need one of you too.

  10. Hey Spitz! It's a good thing your human was able to eat that grain to soak up that tiny bottle of Jack she had to have to make it to the tooth vet! MOL!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  11. Well, you know she'll just walk by those cats in the window again, Spitty. Yeah, they're cats and all, but really, she should be spending that $ on treats and toys for you.

    And keep her away from the weirdly colored shoes. A few years ago my mom completely lost her mind and bought bright pink ones (as if drawing attention to her feet was a good thing). She managed to wear them twice before finally sneaking them off to Goodwill.

  12. Well your human sure had a nice adventure on her way to the WTV. We think she shoulda stopped and got you one of those scarves to shred...yeah, we said shred...

  13. What a day!! I love everything in the Cole Haan window..awesome colors! The hearts are really cool too, and that cereal looks YUMMY! Hope your human gets the tiny kitties, and that everything is ok when she finally makes it to the v-e-t!

  14. Going to the Toof V-E-T is permission to buy the shiny things for you to shred. Tell her to get those.

    Oh and I'll be gone all day but the key is under the mat..I hope you'll have the Gerber's and nip ready when I return and then, we'll discuss the sailing schedule.

  15. Spitty-the-Kitty, you and your human live in a neat place. If my mom were to show photos of what she saw daily it would be... well, a cow? A field of hay? B-O-R-I-N-G. And your town has hearts all over. Ours has painted buffalo (don't know why). And Tulsa has painted penguins (from when they were raising money for the penguin home at the zoo). Hearts are way more classy.


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