Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spitty's Sink

Kitties! So, I am a creature of habit, and ordinarily I do not frequent the bathroom sink. However, recently, it has begun to call out to me: Sppppiiiiiiitttyyy, Spppiiiiiiiiiiiitttttyyyy.
So, I investigate it occasionally, which I would prefer to do in private! I mean, is that soooooo hard to understand?
It is?
Alrighty, then, I'm outta here!
In other news....

Voting on The Two Watercolors stands at

Cats           11
Gulls           5
No help      4

Stay tuned!


  1. That's rude !!! Next time when they go the bath, you should pay back to your human !
    But why your human called you ?
    Or feeding time !
    You are better be quick then : )

  2. "No help" lol!! I am sorry, but that was funny!!!

    Ok they call ya Spitty cause you spit into the sink, right? MOL!

  3. Hey, being a sinker beats being a stinker!!!

  4. I dunno, dood. If I were a sink kitty, I'd make sure I did it when a people was right there...and right when THEY wanted to use it...

  5. Spitty, just don't let anybuddy turn on th water whne you're sitting in that sink!!

  6. Spitty, you think that's bad? My human watches me when I am in... the litter box! Yes, that's right. She claims she just wants to make sure I am "healthy," but I think she's a perv.

  7. We like our sink, but only when it is dry! It is cool ta curl up in then...

  8. Spitty, do what I do. Whizz down the drain.

    xx the Phantom Peer

  9. Why bother with a vote? It's cats, paws down.

    I like the sink, personally. I don't spend much time in one any more, though, because I can't get to my favorite one. (My mom doesn't let me in to her bathroom.)

  10. Spitty, don't our votes each count as one? You need to add one more vote for the Capitola gulls.

  11. We all enjoy hanging out in the sink=we have deep ones and quite a few, so of course, you can hang out in our sinks anytime, handsome :)...Happy week ahead, sexy Spitty!...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki
    PS...Can we vote for the cat picture 3 times since there are 3 of us??...xoxo

  12. Spitty my dear, I believe in voting early and voting often. I say again, cats!

    Yes, this weekend was once to remember..and did you see Miss Catt and Simba!? My word!!!


  13. Spitty, the mom use to has a cat, Kaitlyn, who trained herself to use the human toilet. When a bean was on the toilet and Kaitlyn had to go, she'd use the sink! MOL Ummmm yoo isn't doin dat is yoo??

  14. Spitty-the-Kitty, what is it about the sink that pulls you? Is it because it's cool and your house is hot? Do you like to drink water from the tap? Do you just like to deposit your furs in places that makes your human nuts?

  15. Spitty
    YOU deserve your privacy in the 'tub'! er...sink.


  16. LOL, I wonder what your sink was trying to tell you!


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