Friday, March 11, 2011

Sue Nommy

I was very disappointed that the Sue Nommy was not a new taste sensation. I mean, why call something like this Nommy when it's clearly nothing to eat at all?
A friend of the Human's* took this shot today from an office building in Emeryville. The Human thinks it is quite interesting but purrsonally I think it's pretty much of a yawner.
I am purring for all those people in Japan who really do need it, and also for the Admiral who had a tough day. Eat up, dearest!
*Someone who works in the office of the Human's friend, as it turns out. The Human says she didn't mean to lie, she misunderstood, and now she feels all silly.


  1. I too am purring for everyone in Japan who has been affected by this disaster. Amazing that the tsunami came all the way out to our coast.

  2. Yes, horrible it is for all in Japan. We're also purring for that sweet Admiral, lots and lots!

  3. Our purrs to all of those hurt, injured, or missing...and of course our hearts break to those who lost life, Holman or furry.


  4. Hard Purrs for All !
    The scenes out of Japan last night have been surreal, more from the tsunami than the quake, which was measured at 8.9 (the fifth worst recorded one in the past 110 years), I hope nothing will happen again ! Too many disaster in this year ! My thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese people and friends who live there.

    I'm also purring for that sweet Admiral and others as well.

    You , Take care and have fun in your life , Spitty
    Don't know what's going on tomorrow !


  5. Wow, we're glad you are safe. We are purring for all those affected by this terrible catastrophe!

  6. We are purring HARD for the people and Cats on Japan. It IS too bad that Sue Nommy isn't something good.

  7. Dood your friend's picture is all over the Internets! The Woman found it at FARK and linked to it on Facebook!

  8. We're purring and praying for the people and animals of Japan. Such a horrible tragedy.

    Thank you for your kind words when our Maggie went to the Bridge. We are so thankful for such loving and caring friends.

  9. So are you all out of danger now? We haven't heard anything lately, but we did hear earlier that pretty much the entire west coast was to prepare for the worst. That is a pretty cool picture, though!

  10. I am purring for everyone in Japan all weekend.


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