Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You Has a Closet

Would you like me 
to show you 
how to use it?

As it happens,
I have a few minutes
right now.


  1. Are you gonna lock her in there, Spitty?

  2. Hmmm... not sure I'd like the sound of that if I were your human! MOL

  3. Sounds ominous. That tailio's flicking again.

  4. We agree with Island Cats!

    BTW, Spitty, we sometimes look at our friends' first blog posts. We did not remember that we were the first ta post on yours! But we are pleased that we had that honor. OUR first comment came from the Meezers (when it was Skeeter and LC before us)...

  5. Boy, I make that offer like every nanosecond of every DAY!

  6. They forget they have closets, drawers, laundry hampers - humans are such slobs. If we leave one little toy out of our toy box we get in trouble and THEY leave stuff everywhere - what the heck is with that anyway?!?!?!?!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. Are you telling her she throws her clothes around the house?

    Emma and Buster

  8. Would it only take a few minutes Spitty? I know that you've said that most of the apartment is tidier than the dining room, but if she's even half as bad as that in the bedroom, leaving clothes lying around, it seems to me that you'll be working on this project with her for some time. I mean, not only will you have to snoopervise putting things in the closest, it seems very likely that you'll also have to project manage organisation of things that are already in it. Are you sure that you're willing to tackle all of this?

    Sydney, Australia

  9. You must be a secret Virgo, Spitty!

    I miss you so much, my LCB. We'll be back next week. Thanks for checking up on me...er, us.


  10. I love this photo of you- your tail is so floofy.

  11. Poor Spitty - your human seems to be getting worse!
    It might be a better plan to curl up on her favourite clothes (presumably NOT already in the closet) and leave plenty of your special furs there - less effort for you and a comfy alternative bed! Good luck!
    Purrs ... Rainbow


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