Thursday, July 21, 2016

                               Spitty's Special BlanKat

I gotted a wonderful present from . . . Finland(N)!
I've been kept away from it because of, well, you know, the fleeze--
but this morning I insisted it was time to let me play on it!
(She said I am not yet allowed to nap on it, because, you know, the fleeze.)
The books has funny titles:  The Little Brown Mouse . . .
A Tale of Two Kitties . . .
Cat O'Nine Lives . . .
The Three Mouseketeers . . . Field Guide to the Garbage Can . . .
How to Catnap and Smile . . . 
Holy Cats . . .  &  How to Smell a Rat 

This is a special little movie starring my New BlanKat, 
Me, and my special blue ball. It was a good time, Kitties. 
A really good time. Alas, my blankat was ripped untimely away till the fleeze are completely gone. Phfffft.

Thanks to my wonderful Royal Pal, Punapippuri, King Kitty Cat of Finland(N)--and to his Aiti, too!


  1. It's wonderful to see you so blissful, Spitty.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. That is a lovely blankat. you can read while you rest. Do you always lick your blue ball into submission, or are you making sure it is clean before you kill it?

  3. You still got those darned fleas? It's time you sent them an eviction notice and had the sheriff lead them away. I'm missing you especially now that I'm not feeling well.

  4. What a pawsome blankat, Spitty. We're glad you got to enjoy it at least for a little while.

  5. My Prince: *I* received a most wondrous binky from PPP, too!!! Friday will feature me, my FD self, on not only the gift, but the POANG chair!

    Yr Juliet, Bibber Wibbers (FDW)

  6. Fancier than that never there was!
    Ne'er brightest butterfly or bluest wasp,
    Sparkly trout beside shaded streams moss,
    Striped tiger in sunny grass,
    Or fancy-springing Springtimes frolicing new-born ass,
    Can match that blankey with the fancy
    Names on tomes.
    And thankfully, this poem must tend
    To arrive in time and must now end!

  7. What a literary blankat and post, and the comments from Mark's Mews, hehehe. Glad you like it Dude - itäs washable you know. We thought of that, and the fleeze, you know.

  8. Wow, my human LOVES that blanket! It's awesome!

  9. That was very nice of your friends in Finland.

  10. How kind of the King Kitty Cat from Finland to send you such a special banKAT.But how in the world di you am I door cat get fleezes???!!

  11. What a pawsome blankat! We hope those fleeze are gone soon so you can enjoy your blankat.

  12. Dang those fleeze! We can hardly wait to see you and your awesome blanket together permanently at last!

  13. Oh yes - we've seen that blankie before and it's a pip. Love all you have to do is get rid of those "you know whats" and that blankie will be yours FULL TIME!

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. Very very cool blanket, Spitty! Do you know what? William used to groom his toys, too!

  15. Awesome gifty! I just LOVE Charles Wysocki's art and Fredrick the Literate is my fav! I had no idea they made it into a blanket so now I must go shopping! MOL
    Hope you win your battle with those little buggers soon, smooches!


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