Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Under the Nom Nom Tree

Hello Kitties! I **finally** made my Human pay attention to me this morning. She has been "sooooo busy," and working such "looooong hours," that she has been just "tooooo 'zawsted" to help me post or visit much.  As if!  What matters here are MY blogging needs! Get with the program!

She is coming up on a two-week vacation and not a moment too soon, I say. She'll have time to post, and visit, and brush me, and buy my favorite foods, and play with my fevver toys, and scritch my head just how I like it.

How long is it till Friday again?


  1. "Under The Nom Nom Tree" I love it!
    Don't worr Spitty! It will be Friday before you know it and I hope you have a wonderful time having your Mom home!!!

  2. Great post title! MOL!

    Two weeks off will be great! Our mom is off for a week, between Xmas and New Year's, so we're looking forward to that too. (Not as much as the mom, she says!)

  3. Spitty, we see your fine black whiskers! You tell your human that there are over a dozen cranky Kats in Vegas, ready to put out a hit, if we don't see more of you.
    Did we mention that The Baby bites? Well, Grayce does too.

  4. Well, it's about time your human took some time off from that dumb work-place and got to doing her REAL job, which is catering to your every whim.

  5. Well Spitty...sometimes you just need to lay down the law! I'm so glad you did and now..she will be there for you and only you for several weeks. About time!

    I bite too...just sayin'.

    Spitty....I must say that sleek frame of yours is just so eye filling..so handsome. You should stretch up toward the Nom Nom Tree more often, ahem. Yes.

  6. Oh Spitty we could not help but admire your well toned muscled body.
    Under the nom nom tree indeed.


  7. Aw, Spitty. I think she may be fibbing. Oh, sure, she'll have the time off but she'll always have something else to do. That's what happens with my mom...all the time!

  8. Doood..."time off" is an oxymoron...peoples always find krap to do when they're not "working" and the kitties always get the short end of their time off stick.

  9. A two week staycation? That is gonna be SO GOOD for you.

  10. Oh Spitty! How lucky that your mom is gonna be home to cater to your every whim. Our mom will be off for a week and we're gonna really take advantage of it!!

  11. Hey Spitty, it always takes too long to get to Friday. Hooray for vacations!


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