Monday, December 20, 2010

Krissymouse @ My House

Yes, Kitties, the elves came here and frowed up Krissymouse. And since the Human says, "Spitty, you just won't do anything interesting today" (as if bathing and napping aren't interesting!), I will take you on a tour of all the frou-frou silly stuff cat toys decorations.

But first . . .

(Now, I'm sorry--to me these pictures are interesting! But I digress.)

Apparently I cannot be "trusted" with a real tree, so we have this little curlicued metal one:
And last year a friend gave her these lighted up cherry blossom branches. She's not completely sure they are Krissymouse decorations, but they're red, so up they go!
A few years ago she decided to retire the old and falling-apart nativity scene her mom had had from the time the Human was just a little girl (and you have no idea how long ago that was!). She bought this one in Oregon awhile back--no sales tax!
The Kings are ready for their close up:
Now, these kings really ARE from the Human's childhood, but they've held up pretty well:
This little Santa came from the Human's "Secret Santa" at her work about 10 years ago. Santa had to have surgery this weekend because his toy-sack arm fell off! Can you imagine! Horrors!
This lil "Charlie Brown" tree is in the hallway:
 Alongside this scarily huge reindeer:
And don't forget the living room!
Even the entry way has more crap wonderful seasonal decor:
And the bathroom did not escape!
Finally, what is the point of this? I mean, there's not even a freaking gift inside!
And that's our tour, Kitties. Hope you enjoyed seeing this giant junk collection beautiful stuff!

Merry Krissymouse!


  1. Your human has a (ill assortment, hodgepodge?) *interesting* collection of (fussy, silly?) *beautiful* decorations. I feel for you, Spitty!

  2. My childhood nativity scene shed was made from a 1935 Monopoly Board. Dad did a great job making wood veneer shingles for it an everything. No disrespect to nativity scenes, but a 1935 Monopoly Board + eBay = treats forever...

    The Big Thing

  3. Spitty, I think you have a whole bunch of new toys! (My mom says yours is very brave, but I think she's just projecting.) This weekend Mom put up a garland, but even that proved too tempting. And Russell has discovered the little red ornaments on the fake ficas, and someone went after the string of lights... ("This is why we can't have nice things.")

  4. That's a nice collection of stuff. You are a very good kitty indeed if you can resist whapping all that cool stuff.

  5. Thank Cod she left your litterbox alone.

    And we find your bathing and napping RIVETING.

  6. Spitty, I must confess, I enjoyed the entire tour, not just the bathing and sleeping going on at the beginning (though the cat kids certainly found that scintillating!) I think I'm just starved for seasonal cheer since we're not putting up any decorations or a tree this year because Mom says that Finn is too young and wild to be trusted with them.

    Merry Krissymouse to you!

  7. Spitty, that was some tour! There's quite a few things for you to play with there...'specially all the stuff on that little tree. Does your human really think that having a smaller tree will stop you from whapping at it??

    We've got lots of that kinda, we me decorations...around our house too.

  8. I think at least one or two of those things can be fashioned into a weapon...

  9. You should see all the Christmas crap we have in our closets, Spitty! Luckily it is still there because my human has been too busy to pull it out. As for the curlicue tree, my human thinks it's pretty, but I think you got gypped.

  10. Spitty, Thanks for the tour. It's delightful : )

  11. Everything is very pretty Spitty, you are really in the spirit (or was it the nip?)!!!

  12. There is not one single Christmas decoration in our house. I hope Santa doesn't forget me.

  13. Spitty, your mom has a unique and lovely holiday collection.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  14. Spitty those iz so bewtiful dekrayshunz! I woud sniff all ovar those an see if they taste good, they sure look like they do. I can see you iz gonna haz a grate Chrissymouse an that makes ma happy! *smoooooch*

  15. Oh Spitty, I love the tour and also seeing you bathing. Were you thinking of me and The Baby?
    Your mommy's ornaments are gorgeous. ALMOST as pretty, er, I mean, handsome as YOU!

  16. you have some very interesting, eclectic, one-of-a-kind decorations and those are some that I love the best!
    Those cherry branch lights work perfectly!

  17. What a variety of decorations. We only have a wreathe on the front door, which is very old and hand made (clumsily) from real pine cones and bits of ribbons with glue on sparkle, and our reindeer which looks like a hedge clipping and lives in the top of the cupboard most of the year. At least it gets out for a short while.


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