Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yesterday, Plain Mr. Black . . .

. . .Today, Mr. Black
King  ofCalifornia (Central)
King Mr. Black

His Majesty's Official Coat of Arms:
The newest member of California's Royal Family 
hails from the fine County of San Luis Obispo,
where wheat and wine grapes abound.
King Mr. Black's Official Coat of Arms 
also features the California Golden Bear.

The new King reluctantly sat for His
Coronation Portrait . . .

                                             . . . then slipped into His favorite fursuit 
                                              and surveyed His lands with satisfaction.

                  The Coronation Oath

Spitty R:  Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of Central California and any other part of California that seems to need your Guiding Paw and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?

Mr. Black: I solemnly promise so to do.

Spitty R:  Will you with your Mighty Claws cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?

Mr. Black: I will.

R:  Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of Ceiling Cat? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the rights of all Kittehs in your charge, ensuring all rights and privileges, as by law do or shall pertain to them or any of them?

Mr. Black: All this I promise to do.

Then Mr. Black, arising up from His Cushion, supported as before, the Great Toys of State being carried before Him, went unto the Mighty Catnip Plant, to make His solemn Oath in the sight of all the Kittehs present: Laying His right Paw upon the Book of Purina (which was before carried in the procession and is now brought from the Catnip Plant by Spitty R and tendered to Him as He reclines upon the steps), He pronounces these words:

Mr. Black: The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. So help me Ceiling Cat.


  1. Hmmm, we are thinking there should be a Queen or King of Maryland. There seems to be a Royalty virus spreading... And ONE of us has (ca-choo) caught it...

  2. Wait, he is black and he is from San Luis Obispo county? I wonder if he is related to my human's father's cat! She is gloriously black, although her fur more resembles your fluffiness, Spitty. If they are in fact related, she needs to be fed a better quality of food - what she is currently getting is not fit for royalty!

  3. Love the portrait :)
    Very cute (for a cat)!!

  4. Hello, King Spitty the Kitty! 'member me? You so kindly visited me a while back, but I have been very rude and haven't been by to visit. For whatever reason, my mom doesn't make time to visit my friends' blogs, let alone let me update mine. Anyway, I just wanted to say HI! And to say thank you for stopping by to visit and that I miss you and your royal antics. I'm so pleased to hear you are a KING now! I hope that I am worthy of being your friend.

    Your loyal Oklahoma subject, Zoe

  5. And the kitties of the Celestial Realms did stand up and cheer!

    Star says: With two kings, perhaps King Spitty will have even more time to spread among the girl kitties, I shall take my turn now? I hope to see you on the beaches of Australia, and you shall indeed hear me calling you when you land!

  6. Shouldn't we be haffin a big celly-brashun or sumthin bout now? Mebbe a teeny-tiny house trashin?

  7. I've returned from a brief sojourn out of my realm. An abundance of gratitude to the Great and Wise King Spitty for bestowing this honor upon me.

    As described, the coronation exceeded in pageantry and magnificence anything that the kingdom of California (Central) has witnessed in the past. The reception for the king (that's me)included a naval review, a performance at the opera, and minor celebrations and pageants,among which was the "Festival of Felis Gigantus" at the Catnip Pavilion. MILLIONS WERE IN ATTENDANCE.

    I need a nap.

  8. You could have told us about this - the invite seemed to be lost in the innerwebs. Pah! Many congratulations to the King Mr Black of California Central: as Prince of the Presidio, I send my honourable wishes and the whole of Finland (North) of course will celebrate - when it wakes up and realises we have missed the event of the season.
    But I'm with Prancer Pie - what about a house trashin' now?

  9. I fear our own Queen Elizabeth's own coronation pales into insignificance next to this magnificat display of pomp and circumstance - not that even the staff remembers THAT far back!! As for me, buddy, I am packing my furry robe and knickers and hot pawing it over to Catafornia on the next shuttle to try and and ingratiate myself with the new monarch, King (formally known as Mr) Black!

    PeeEss there seems to be quite a lot of executions planned? >^._.^<

  10. Oh Wow, Mr Black, you are such a lucky guy to become a member of the Royal family. We are so excited for you. Well done. Hope all have a super Sunday.

  11. Your majesty you are looking majestic. FAZ

  12. Oh I daresay, outside of King Spitty who is Regal and Gracious (should be part of his title) I have rarely seen such a magnificent spectacle as this coronation. I am happy to have been a part of this auspicious occasion and I am most greteful to have been a Royal Page for the occasion. (Pagette?)

    Mr Black, long may you reign. King Spitty, you are the catification of largesse. Indeed, there is none more so than you.

  13. That was exciting and I'm so glad we got to purrticipate!!!

  14. ha ha- me thinks we have some cracked royalty. Being a moggie myself is more my style! Excuse me while I go curl up in the barn and try to stay out from under the cow's udder! I can romp in the hay all I want and no one says anything about it. P,S, You guys are so funny!

  15. That sounds grand as you survey your land, sure you will do a great job ruling all with your portrait on the wall.

  16. What an amazing coronation ceremony! All hail King Mr. Black (and King Spitty, too, of course)!

  17. So, does Mr. King Black need a harem? Just wondering...

  18. I just LOVE a good coronation! purrs

  19. Spitty, Can you crown me Queen of Texas? I would love some extra crown bling! I would even make Sassy my cat-in-waiting.

  20. MOL!!!!!
    Do we have to kiss Mr. Black's ring now?
    ; ) Katie

  21. oH! oH! Spitty! yous is relenquishing part of your domain?
    Does this mean yous is relenquishing your lady cat friends too?
    Maybe the kisses is for Black....

  22. King Mr. Black, you look furry Regal in your suit.
    xoxo Kassey

  23. I was gonna ax to take over part of CA until I heard all those Oath thingies. While i DO solemnly swear, it has nothing to do with $*&#&*(@(. Oh sorry about that. Our Giants won today and I see yours are too.

  24. I think it's only fitting that a Queen will need to be the leader of Southern California. Nice to see such handsome Mancats though!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  25. FaRADaY: I would like to raise my paw to volunteer to be Kind of the Midwest.

    Allie: We're going to raise something else entirely if anyone even CONSIDERS taking you up on that, Brat!

  26. Maxwell: *snort* and Faraday didn't even check Momma's spelling before he let her hit send. *snicker* "KIND" not KING? Whew, I say we dodged that bullet...!


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