Friday, January 25, 2013

More Texas ToyTime

Spitty's email was hacked! Aaaarrgh!
Password's been changed so all should be okay ~
meanwhile, don't open any emails from me 
unless they are timestamped AFTER 8:15 a.m. PST
This is the last of the cat-tastic toys from the totally terrific Texas
who was my pawsome Secret Paws last month!
I think this attachment is my favorite--
it's even pretty fun when the Human stops playing with me 
(as, of course, she too-often does)!
Thanks again, Buddy! 
And speaking of toys, notice the red string is right there,
awaiting its turn in the Spitty Play Rotation.
Mr. Stringy was part of last fall's stunning
Winnie's Wish Collection
still available from the Fun Fun Fundraiser
@ the Celestial Kitties blog.


  1. Wow, Spitty. We think you love that toy almost as much as all your ladycats! ;)

  2. HAH! I thought the string was part of the toy. That's cos I'm toy deprived. I don't even know what they look like.

  3. oh MY!!! Such a MANLY display of playing prowess!

    Is it hot in here?

    XX Grayce

  4. Looks like fun. It is good you can amuse yourself and don't have to wait for stupid humans to get around to it.

  5. Spitty, humans are inherently lazy, so it is a good thing we kitties know how to make our own fun!

  6. That toy looks like a lot of fun. Want to teleport over and bring it with you?

    The Florida Furkids

  7. You are o e lucky kitty. Sherpa likes his red string too

  8. I love toys like that. The only problem is I try to eat them and stuff gets stuck in my teeth. Then you know how moms get, all panicky.

    And, yeah, a little bro. Annoying at first maybe, but you could train him! (You'd have better luck training him than your human.)

  9. Spitty, we have to say that the red toy and string really show off your black furs! We think you should always play with red. Is it a coincidence that is the color of blood? Hmmm, we think not!

  10. You sure have had a wonderful time with your Secret Paws toys.

  11. Oh boy Spitty! You got some awesome toys! Thanks for the plug for the FUN FUN FUNdraiser!

    Star says: Oh my goodness, that red against your black furs is HOT! We played with my stringy, now how about I come over and we play with yours? Purrrrrr

  12. Great toys and great action shots. Red definitely suits you - even if you did pour infinite scorn on our red laser games! Pöh.

  13. You're just LYING there? Maybe you should teleport over and we'll show you what play really is!

  14. Spitty, we think your (dot) live email account may have been hacked. It sent an email to people on your address list. Please change your password...ASAP and maybe put up a post about this too?

    Tutu says she'll love to give these hackers a big BITEY. Wanna join her?

  15. Looks like you could do with a buddy there to play with errr Buddy! :)

    Spitty please tell your human that when it comes to being a lame brain, my human doesn't even know whether she did the blog hop linky thing right and what's more HOW she first did it anyway!! I dunno!

  16. That toy looks super fun, I don't get much chance to play, that Blonde eats my toys BOL xx00xx

  17. Boomer's mom is right. I got the same email. xoxox

    You look great with Red Stringy. I have one too. Coincidence? I think not. And it shows my black furs off beautifully. You and I should always wear red. xoxoxo

  18. Sure look like tons of fun
    The string would be first to go under our sun
    As we`d chow down
    Also goes well with your crown

  19. That looks like soooo much fun, but I would probably eat those stringy parts!

  20. Hacked! We thought this post would be about hairballs!! Oh well, glad you got everything straightened out... it is so annoying that people in this world find it necessary to hack other people's and kitties accounts.

  21. I kinda liked the dirty emails you were sending out...just

  22. Spitsters dood. We love that action shot up top. And mommy sez the red accents your fur in a lovely way! We just think that thing looks nommably kickable.

  23. I recieved it this morning, and didn't open it. I actually just sent you a messageyou alerting about it.

    In the meantime, That toy looks like tons of kitty fun!

  24. kill Mr. Stringy! kill it!! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL eet!!!

  25. Hey Spitty Dear!
    Why does yous not bring those through the tunnel of lurve and yous and me can keep each other entertained!

  26. Sorry to hear that your mail was hacked :(
    Glad you could help your mom to fiw it again :)
    That red toy looks furry funny to play with !

  27. I hate it when that happens with mail! They did the same thing to me a while back. :(

  28. What a neat lookin' toy! Never seen anything like it. purrs


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