Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Versatile Kind of Guy

My dear friends at The Cat on My Head gave me this fantastic award 
on Thanksgiving Day! I am most grateful to 
Astrid, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Lisbeth, Calista Jo--
and, Oh yeah, to that ManCat Brother of theirs, Mauricio.

Now the dealio is, I am supposed to reveal Se7en previously-unknown fascinating things about myself. And that might be kind of a problem, Kitties;
since I have so few secrets anymore, I might have to, well,
fudge a bit on the "previously unknown" rule.

1. I have a less-than-ManCatly meow.
2. I'm a terrible Cat Scout. The worst.
3. I'm scared of towels. Long story.
4. I worship the radiator.
5. Often, I trot up to the Human, put my front paws gently on her knees, 
look soulfully into her eyes, and dash away as soon as she reaches to pet me.
I love that game! I can almost make her cry!
6. I get the crazies every night around 11:00 and race like my a$$ is on fire.
On a really good night, I startle the Human from a sound sleep 
by playing really hard with my toys right under the bed as loud and bumpily as I can. 
I get a lot of good laughs from that.
7.  Way deep down, and I mean waaaaaaaaay deep, 
I think I sort of love the Human.
So many Kitties have this award we will pass it on to just two:
The Kitties and Goaties at the Maaaa of Pricilla

If there are any other Kitties who have not received this award,
please take it and tell us your 7 things!


  1. Aw, Mr Soppikins sort of loves his Human. My heart is glowing with a fuzzy warmth! We'll remind you of that next time you show the Back of Disrespect, hehehehe.

  2. Spitty, I never expected you to have a less-than-ManCatly meow. Somehow I expected a gravely meorw from you. You reminded mom of her first kitty Felix. He had a sweet little kitten meow even when he was all grown up.

  3. I knew you were an old softie Spitty.
    Pricilla thanks you for the award. Now if she will only remember to do something with it

  4. "Less than mancatly meow"? That's probably because TW took your family jewels! MOL!

  5. You're scared of towels? But WHY!? I LOVE towels. Small ones, big ones, long ones....I love em all!


  6. Concatulations on your award, Spitty! I get the crazies about the same time at night - but my human is always still up, so sometimes she joins in.

  7. is spitty not speaking today. LOL!

  8. Concatulations on your award Spitty.
    Well deserved. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Towels? We want to hear this story. We don't like towels when they are flapped around, but when they are fresh from the dryer, towels are the best!

  10. Some folks wrap kitties up in a towel like a burrito. Maybe that's it. So they can cut their claws without being clawed to bits.

  11. Congratulations on your awardie Spitty! I just knew that you loved your human deep down! Goofy boy, hee hee.
    To the human, try to resist reaching down when stinkerbutt plays that paws on the knees game.. make him jump up if he's serious! Star plays a form of that game, she stares and head butts and darn near begs to be pet, then walks away when you reach out. So frustrating! She does that mostly to her daddy, and I have to admit, when he tries to ignore it so she'll stop running, I feel bad for her and make him pet her. And she runs! But sometimes when he makes her wait and wait and wait, she'll stay for the pet or two.

    Star says: Towels? I want to hear about that, long story or not! Hey, guess what? I'm on the blog two days in a row! I rock! hee hee Wanna help me celebrate by having a snuggle and licking session? Purrrr

  12. The crazies are grand at night. Towels? I suppose there are worse things

  13. Oh Spitty you little devil boy're such a tease but I just bet your human doesn't REALLY mind all those devilish things you do - they like to complain but I think that's just how they tell us they love us!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  14. 1. Glad you like and accepted your award.
    2. Thanks for linking back to us.
    3. You left out Astrid, and she already has an inferiority complex.
    4. Misty May is very jealous about what you said about Lisbeth's butt. She realizes they are both tuxies, but… She is sharpening her claws for the next time she sees you. (Just like a man…always looking for a younger piece of a**.)
    5. We found the seven things about you to be quite interesting, and are glad that somewhere under all that fur is a heart that sort of loves your human.
    6. We too worship radiators.
    We think there is more, but we can't remember. But tomorrow is another day, and we will be back.

  15. That is so funny the game you play with your human. I never realized that Izzy kind of does that to me too!

  16. Concatualtions! I think your game is fabulous, I will try it too. I only have to work on my soulful look :o)

  17. Aw, Spitty. Now the whole internets will know this forever and you won't be able to deny any of it.

  18. ConCATulations on your award, Spitty! There's nothing wrong with having a less than mancatly meow. We know someone here who has one of those, too. :)

  19. 1. That's Eddie
    2. Joey
    3. J,E,&R only it is plastic bags
    4. Jasmine
    5. Rosie
    6. J,E,&R and we try to make 1 or more passes over the top of Meowma while she sleeps. Very fun!
    7. We all love Meowma, but Joey gets absolutely nippy-nosed/body slammy about her. Really quite embarrasssing.

  20. Spitty I know deep down you DO love your human!

  21. Querido Spitty, você é adorável!
    Gostei de conhecê-lo melhor.

  22. Spitty, we like when you get awards like this. It makes you's good for the they say.

  23. Can we get a video of that meow? I wanna be the judge. I skipped over #7.

  24. Astrid says "Thank you King Spitty," for correcting our mom's boo-boo. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  25. hehehe!! A Spitty after my own heart!! Con Cats on your award, buddy and sorry I am a bit late in coming over. me and the human are having major issues!! Know what I mean!! :( *sigh* xox


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