Monday, December 26, 2016

             The Christmas Cats: Chronicles of Infidelity

This is Cooper. He is round & firm & fully-packed. A very good boy.

This is LillyBelle. She has the most unusual furs 
the Human has ever seen. With her furs unruffled, she looks black. 
But if you administer some pets, you see the bright silver undercoat. 
She's not as nice as Cooper, but that is not surprising 
as she is a girlcat.

You see, Kitties? *This* is what I am expected to put up with
 when she abandons me--not just the indignity 
of being left on my own to starve, but the additional humiliation of her infidelities.

There was another kitty, but he's a story for another day.


  1. OMC! I wouldn't stand for that, Spitty. I'm lucky that none of the feral cats that TW feeds will let her near them. You got a sample in the mail, come on over and visit the entire stunning cat.

  2. Moms leave and comes home with photos of many Other Cats, at least she doesn't pet them only take photos.

    Emma and Buster

  3. My human will touch other kitties if she is near them - she has wandering fingers! But that's okay, since I let all sorts of humans touch me.

  4. Oh dear - only half the message seems to have sunk into your Human's thick skull: she seems to have got the part about photos of cats on the blog = good. Now you just need her to understand that it's photos of one particular cat that are called for, not just any ole cats.

    Spitty, what can I say?

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Treachery. Treason. Blasphemy. And other such crimes which would previously have resulted in beheading. We do not suggest you go that far, but perhaps a little swipe or two of the claws?

  6. Oh Spitty! The indignity! The absolute unthinkable act she committed! I will help you determine what to do. We will make a lasting impression on her that will make her think twice if there is ever a thought of a next time.

  7. Peeps! Such fickle creatures. Can't trust 'em as far as you can throw 'em. Scratch that. Can't throw 'em at all on account of their size compared to ours. Hmmm... Can't trust 'em as far as one can toss a hairball and that, my friend, is a fact.



  8. Poor Spitty! And I daresay your human's belongings and clothing had the aroma of deceit as well. We do sometimes suffer great indignity at the hands of our humans and my heart goes out to you. Really. I hope you gave your Human the "back of disgust" when she got home?

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  9. Oh Spitty. We really can't believe what you have to put up with. Couldn't she have at least posted a picture of you too??

  10. My mum says they are very good looking cats. I say your human is a traitor! Not a single photo of you either!!!

  11. Cooper and LillyBelle are real cuties! But, I'm sure that you proved to her that you are far superior, Spitty, after she got back home!


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