Friday, December 16, 2016


The brilliant and generous Miss Ellen from 15andmeowing remembered how much I LOVE the Sacred Dark Blue ball she made me a long time ago now.

Well! Yesterday a mysterious package arrived in our mailbox just for ME. And do you know what, Kitties? Well, do you? I bet you don't!

I will tell you though:  It contained a light blue ball, another dark blue ball, a gold ball, an orange ball and a bright pink ball! All for me!

And do you know what the Human did? Well, she gave me ONE ball and then she squirreled the other four away because she says I will not appreciate all five at once and I will lose some.

Phfft to all that, say I. I mean, okay, I *might* lose one. Unlikely, but possible. But where does she get off thinking I won't appreciate them all??? She's ridiculous sometimes, right?

Miss Ellen enclosed a note that said in part, "I remember you liked these fuzzy balls. I made a bunch for you to play with. I call them 'spit balls.' "  Ha ha ha meow!

I love her.

Now, as it happens the Human caught me in a moment of quiet reflection with my ball, but last night I was leaping and pouncing like a 12-week-old instead of a 12-year-old. But I stopped as soon as she got the camera out. You understand.

She's on vacation now, though, and so maybe she will capture a more, um, vigorous play session!

Thank you, Miss Ellen. You are just the BEST.


  1. Well whacko for Miss Ellen, who is the living example that demonstrates that SOME Humans get it. But yours? Disasterville. I mean - the package was mailed to you; the gifts inside were made for you; so where does your Human get off taking control of most of 'em and locking them away?

    As usual, you are humility itself, Spitty. Your latest movie is a(nother) hit: no, it's not action-packed, but that's perfectly okay. We need light and shade; we need to have our beliefs challenged; we need to have some of Life's Big Questions asked of us. Your movie does all this and more. I look forward to a movie featuring leaping and pouncing, but in the meantime, please don't be too self-effacing about this more subdued effort.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Whoa! Today's title isn't very catchy, I must say but the video makes up for it. I'm glad you mentioned that you do more than rub on the balls. MOL! Miss Ellen treated you royally.

  3. That sure was super nice of Miss Ellen. She is definitely awesome!

  4. How nice of the 15 and Meowing human! I think you should have gotten them all.

  5. Fantastic those Spit Balls are indeed tops.A wonderful movie too. Maybe not action packed but a true romance.

  6. Yes she is. WE love Miss Ellen a lot around here too. Love your Spit Balls and have fun. I know you will. I still play with my chicken leg. Mom wanted it here as much as *I* did, for pete sakes!

  7. we love Miss Ellen she makes fun stuff for kitties. You are lucky to have some fun toys. When the human isn't looking I say you find her stash and spread kitty toys everywhere! That would be fun!

  8. Miss Ellen makes the best toys for kitties. Now you'll have lots of spit balls to bat around.

  9. Very nice Spitty. It's always nice to have friends who know your tastes!

  10. I love the video and I am so happy that you like your "spit balls". I am sorry your very mean human wouldn't let you have them all at once, maybe Santa will give her coal in her stocking and if not, maybe you could leave her a "gift" in her shoe. Merry Christmas! XO

  11. We agree that Miss Ellen is the BEST with toys......I was lucky enough to get a bunch of them before I left for the Bridge and they are all safely waiting for the next lucky kitty to join my Mom and Dad for their FOREVER. I think it's totally COOL that you got all colors but that dark blue one sure looks swell with your black furs.....I think the "gift in the shoe idea isn't bad a punishment though for your human not letting you have YOUR toys!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  12. Spitty, we adore Mom Ellen's toys, but we have never had any fuzzy balls, but then you are the King. We say that Mom Mary was a bit stingy. Our mom does the same thing, and we totally do not appreciate it. We enjoyed your video, especially that great display of toofies. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. Miss Ellen makes the best toys and is very generous to send you a supply of Spit Balls. I am the same as you and stop playing when I see the camera. Yesterday I felt well enough to play on the bed for a while, but of course when my mum came back with the camera I decided I had done enough.

  14. Spitty darling,whilst moving, Mommy found one of them balls mes got from Miss Ellen last year. Koz an Jo Jo has been fighting over it ever since.
    They is just then bestest!
    Your Nellie Bellie


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