Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Something Old, Something New,
Something Classic, Something Blue

So first of all, this post is a travesty, really, because there is No Kitty in either nativity set. The Human says I should be able to set that fact aside, and appreciate these for what they are. The one on top is from the Human's girlhood (you know, back in the nineteenth century) and the blue one she bought for way too much money about 10 years ago because (a) she liked it, and (b) she lost her mind when she found out Oregon had no sales tax.
Both of these are currently set up in our house (or, as I like to call it, Santa's Workshop). This evening we would like to take a poll:  Classic or Blue
Me, until one of them gets a kitty, I can't in good conscience cast a vote for either.


  1. I'm not a believer, so I don't think I should vote either Spitty.

    But I agree that without a kitty, both of these are non-starters anyhow.

    I'm wondering whether you might consider running a poll: "What has been your Human's biggest blooper this calendar year?" - although revisiting them all and wrangling the list down to only the top 20 for the poll would probably be emotionally challenging, so scrap that idea. Sorry to have tabled it.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. My human only wants a KITTY nativity set! Eventually she will probably find one on eBay that suits her.

  3. Blue. But really, no kitties ? Whyever not?

  4. Spitty, my human is a classic and she likes the classic one, mes on the other paw, likes the BLUE one! (even if mes lilac not blue)
    And yous right, they should has a kitty in them!

  5. they are both pretty but I like the classic one ... but I also agree... where is the kitty?? This is unacceptable!

  6. We think both are wonderful but our mom leans toward the classic one--she says it reminds her of the crèche the church of her youth set up outside at Christmas time.

    Of course, it's a wonder that she can remember that far back.

  7. Your classic one is the exact same one we had when I was a kid! I like the blue one too; I can see why she wanted it, Spitty. However, I agree with you that they both need a kitty.

  8. You're more than right, Spitty! Where is the kitty???!! Anyway they both look beautiful. It's hard to decide.

  9. I bet she paid a pretty penny for that blue one. I have two figures feom that artist o bought at a quilt store.i adore them both and they BOTH have cats.
    Since I am with the lovely "Dear Megan" in the non-belief category i shouldnt have an opinion but artfully? The classic to my mind is warmer and more messy and more true to the storyline. And you just KNOW there were cats in the barn. Probably doing their jobs and not giving a fig about about a bunch of humans showing up vreating au h a ruckus.

  10. I'm digging the blue one.....as for no cats - let's just PRETEND that in the blue one the kid on the right is holding a kitty in her arms and that takes care of the kitty situation! Hafta use our imaginations sometimes Spitty!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  11. They are both beautiful, but I'd go with Classic. That just shows my roots. And I'm sure there was a kitty somewhere around. Probably under the Christ Child's manger guarding Him. Don't you think?

  12. Oh, a tough decision! Our Mom is all about the classics, they never go out of style, but that blue set. Now, that would be worth every penny! Instant classic!

  13. My mum likes both. The classic is warmer and more welcoming, but something keeps drawing her to the blue one.

  14. They are both beautiful despite the lack of cats. Is the blue one a Jim Shore?
    We buy a piece every year for my sister-in-law's Fontanini nativity set and you will be happy to know that one year we bought a set of 3 cats for it.

  15. Spitty, please don't make us choose. They are both perfect, even without any kitty presence. Did you know that Allie, Ellie and Raz's humans have a kitty nativity? XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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