Saturday, August 26, 2017

Just Another Caturday Block Pawty:
Now with the Constabulary!

The Watcher

The Watchees
So the Humans and Dogs of Hugo Street and environs had a big pawty today (what you're seeing is the tail end of its dismantling). There were NO kitties invited. How outrageous is that? Not that any of us would have attended, you understand, but it would be nice to be asked. There were lots of cops around. I think it was for the food though, since no one here was protesting anything except that the deviled eggs ran out too fast.


  1. NO kitties invited? You mean even I couldn't have come? That would be totally not fair!

  2. I'm thinking that the kitties owe it to themselves to throw their own party. That way, they'd be guaranteed lots of food that they like - and no deviled eggs.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. So when you become a cop, you just do patrol in all areas where they're likely to get free food? Now that sounds like something outside kitties do for a living, too!

  4. We heard there was meant to be a gathering in SF this weekend....something about dog poop.... we were going to volunteer our litter box leavings. But as we were not invited to your gig, we'll just stay here.

  5. Well, it couldn't have been THAT fun without kitties, Spitty. Just saying.

  6. Spitty, how rude of the humans to not invite kitties! We kitties are the life of pawrties! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  7. No kitties??? It must have been one boring party.


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