Saturday, November 26, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods....

...Yours Truly was not invited to go.
The Human, however, made her way to Felton (near Santa Cruz), 
where she cavorted with Nigel (whose Dad was steering him 
by the rudder away from the fire).
Now, THIS, this is a shame because *I* was not there
to partake of it (cf. Thanksgiving Dream 11/24).
Nigel's postprandial Food Coma:
He looks pretty good for 17, n'est-ce pas?


  1. Oh Nigel looks fantastic! And those food induced comas are fabulous too. You go Nigel..enjoy. Spitty, come on over later..we'll have chick-hen.

  2. Nigel, you look fantastic. Wow. What a bunch of gorgeous furs you have. You don't look a day over five. Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

  3. Nigel is gorgeous! How scary that he went that near to the fire! And that turkey looks so yummy...did your human bring some home for you?

  4. Nigel is a very handsome kitty. Mom Paula is a little nervous about building fires this winter because we are such curious kittens.

    Truffle and Brulee

  5. I would never have thought Nigel was 17! And Spitty, can you tell me exactly why your human did not bring you back any turkey???

  6. We are outraged at the callous treatment of handsome Nigel!!! Rudder steering. hmph. It's more properly termed a "handle", or at least it is at *our* house. No wet, nautical navigation for us.
    We cannot even DISCUSS the (lack of) turkey issue.
    That is all.

  7. Nigel is almost as handsome as you, Spitty. What I don't understand is why your human didn't take you along for a visit. And some turkee.

  8. No turkey? shame on Mom. Nigel is a handsome dood like you Spitty.
    xoxo Kassey

  9. Nigel could have got those gorgeous furs too hot if not for great steering!

  10. Oh man I thought the Man was the only one who uses the word "postprandial." I thought he made it up so that he would sound smart! It bites that you didn't get any turkey, though...

  11. A big gobbler like that and you didn't get any!
    That's a crime Spitty. A Crime.

  12. After that woman got back home, she put down a bit of shrimp, which I, properly, ignored. It's gone now, but she'll never know if I ate it or buried it somewhere, hee hee. Sorry there was no turkey for you.

    Nigel looks really good in all his floofy fur. Rudder steering is a no-no here, as I tend to bite when my tail is touched (toothy grin).

    Taffy and that woman

  13. We hope your human brought you a, we mean, kitty bag filled with some of that turkey, Spitty! If she didn't, don't let her back in the house.

  14. No turkey?!?!? She needs to make it up to you immediately if not sooner. Nigel looks a bit like Mr. Puddy. I'm working on my next blog masterpiece. Maybe by Monday. MOL

  15. #WLF stands for Whiskers Liberation Front. This is our manifesto. TW is worried about me cos I sang all night and all morning. I'm not usually that vocal. I've been eating and playing just fine. I'm just high-maintenance and need a lot of attention.

  16. Dear Spitty,
    Did your Mommy come home smelling like Nigel? And was yous jealous?


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