Sunday, February 5, 2012

Keeping the Cat in the Bag

The Human went to visit Cousins Aggie and Wally on Furriday. And how did they repay her kind attentions? By darting UTB and staying put, that's how!
That is, staying put until dragged out under protest by their Dad. Only Aggie was subjected to this indignity; Mr. Wally retreated beyond the reach of Human grabby-hands (Good Boy!)
Miss Aggie allowed momentary contact before fleeing to safety once again.
Last night, Aggie's Dad communicated the following: In atonement for fleeing fearfully Friday, she exiled herself to the Green Tent in solitary mourning until she felt cleansed of her sin.                                                  
Judging from the above photo attached to her Dad's email, the Green Tent is quite the step up from her usual digs.

And, oh yes, I understand there's a Football Game of some sort today. I will root enthusiastically (cough, cough) for that team from some Large Eastern City that is not Boston.


  1. moar grabby hands, efurryware grabby hands! Thanks gooness I haz mai catio an Aggie haz herz tent.

  2. Aggie, we sure are glad you have your baggy tent. That is such a good hidey place. The indignity of being dragged out is just horrible. We all run UTB when a stranger comes in the house, no matter if they are cat people or not. Take care all of you.

  3. Oh the cheek of it - being dragged out from UTB?? Now THAT's sinful!

    P.s. King Spitty I kiss your paw and seek forgiveness for being awol for so long - Darcy and Sookie are exacting punishment the only way they know how... waking me hourly throughout the night to communicate their displeasure.

  4. P.p.s! You are welcome to pay a royal visit any time, we will ensure the red carpet is rolled out, the flag is at full mast, the bunting is in place and cream cakes are at the ready. And in answer to your question, may I suggest HRH (His Royal Highness) Spitty?

  5. My gosh. They DRAGGED you out from UTB? How awful. We know what that's like. Our Mom did that to us once (a long time ago) and we made it very clear that she is to NEVER do it again. And she didn't.

    Your furriends, Cosmo and Ling

  6. Sire Spitty I stand corrected - HRH is indeed for Prince/Princesses - just goes to show what I know! (I do think HRH sounds better though!) Formal address is to refer to you as HM first, then Sire from then on in!

  7. Hiya King,
    I will also be rooting enthusiastically (cough, cough, yawn, stretch) from my throne (bed.)

  8. They seriously don't know what they missed by not getting cozy with your mom.

  9. Haha! Wally is living up to his name, Spitty. That's what I woulda done. Well, until I smelled something good like foods or some treats, then I might have made an appearance!!

    We'll be watching the game today...well, at least we'll be watching all the commercials!!


  10. Aggie must need a bigger best that they can't reach under!!!

  11. Kitties are silly. Your human would have been very nice to them, I am sure.

  12. I feel for your mommy for not being able to snuggle the kitties when she visited. Especially when you had sent them a royal gift of the Green Tent. At least she tried to atone!
    Leo says the only ball game he's going to root for is his play with his feather balls!
    Star says she'd rather nap and wants to know if you want to curl up with her in a sun puddle.

  13. Oh Spitty, I didn't you were a fan of the other guys.

    I am so disappointed.

  14. I do not deign to be handled by visitors. If they are lucky, I will allow them to look at me.

    Binga, the attention whore, of course greets them right away. Dork.

  15. Bags are as good as boxes for hidey holes.


  16. Wow, Spitty. Aggie has really benefited from your gift. Such a generous ruler.

  17. Spitty...see you in THE green tent. xoxoxo

  18. Ah Spitty, Where is yous??
    Me is happy that your team won!

  19. Hey Dude!
    I am writing you from the private FBI Jet that is taking me to France to catch Chirpy! I am hoping that I can finish this there, but I am thinking that it will take a while to catch this feisty little bird! I was surfing the net and I came across your comment on my post.
    Dude, I have given your name to my handlers and asked if I could have a compadre-if this takes a while.
    Are you up for some traveling to exotic places?
    Kozmo Agent 00.5

  20. UTB, but not far enough. Oh, the indignity. We are glad she likes the green tent, though.

    Well, "your" team won . . .

  21. "The Boys" would run from grabby hands, too.

    Love that "hidey hole" you've found yourself in!

  22. you know for a second I thought that cat in the bag was a fake cat. I am not kidding


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