Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sometimes I Suspect

that the Human is keeping things from me. 
If only I had Royal Spies!


  1. Its good to stay hylee sushpishush of they hoomans Spitty. An yoo now vurry well Petie iz mai husbandcat you silly kitteh *purrrr*

  2. "I am celebrating 500 followers with a special event ... a photo competition. You should submit a photo of a part of your body - that's why it is called "esconde esconde' (hide). I would like to have you in this competition a as a friend of my blog. I'll wait for your visit

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    Turrinhas the

  3. Oh, she's keeping something big from you—or maybe the post office is keeping it from both of you. heh heh

  4. Spitty, I think it is almost certain that your suspicions are correct.

  5. She should learn that King Spitty knows all...or should!

  6. Might it have anything to do with VALENTINE'S Day?

  7. Humans are always trying to hide things from us kitties! But with your detective skills, Spitty, you should figure out what she is up to!

  8. King Spitty, I will gladly be your royal spy!! What do you pay? Oh right, prolly nothing. Or maybe a few kitty licks?

    P.S. I would love for your human to come and read my Furry Valentine post. =^..^=

  9. Spitty, I will assist with your spying needs. As you know, I am a consultant with the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation). I am on the case.

  10. Spitty, you gotta be your own royal spy and find out what your human is keeping things from you!

  11. That just isn't right, Spitty!! We'd like to be your royal spies, but we're not sure how much spying we'd be able to do.

  12. Spitty, perhaps this is a case for your FBI skills? Me could send Kozmo over after he gets back from where ever in the world he is.

  13. Spitty, Mommy will be right over to spy for you. SHE kisses AND tells!!!

  14. Do you want us to teleport over and spy for you? We're still little kitties and we can sneak around into small spaces.

    Truffle and Brulee

  15. Big Nipclub V-day pasty & I don't even have to work that nite. We can nosh on the Vine and go crazy on niptinis

  16. We say chew that envelope open Spitty! It's in your house, therefore it belongs to you!

    By the way, you told Leo to sleep on his pawrents bed because it won't have toys in it? Not true! Leo sleeps there all night and always has not only his hoodie string but a feather ball toy too! We would never consider throwing them off as they are his favorites!
    Um... think he's spoiled?

  17. Wonder what is in that envelope. Better be careful Spitty, it just might be someone wanting money from ya. Hope you are able to hire some royal spies. Then they could snoooopervise everything. Take care.

  18. Have you placed bugs around the house? You can interpret that any way you want.


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