Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not-A-Garden Tour #Elebenty-Sebben

So the Human and her friend went for a beach walk today.
They were surprised to find that a Hansel and Gretel
with a sweet tooth had left a trail for them!
This house across from the Great Highway features seahorses,
palm trees and a mural banner that reads "Peace & Joy."
I ask you, who could argue with that?
The sandy trail offers the most scenic route but the Humans
got tired of trudging and sought out the paved path
for part of their walk.
Perhaps a color-blind tribute to The Gator, SF State's mascot--
the school's colors are purple and gold.
I joined them briefly for a mid-afternoon snack. The Giant Litter Box was fun, too.


  1. Oh DOOD. Now there's a litter box! SCORE!

  2. That looks like a fun walk for the humans, Spitty. And that litter box. Oh, that LITTER BOX! It's divine!

  3. Those look like very tasty morsels, Spitty. Great snack food!

  4. Wow, I could really do some digging in that litter box!


  5. Willy moved to SF! MOL! TW used to have an artist boyfriend who painted murals on everything. He would've painted one on their house if it didn't have hunnert year old shingles and if TW would've let him. He put one on the wood fence and the house he made for the outdoor cats.

    Whoa! Lookit that litter box!

  6. Mommy is fond of seahorses. Something about the male of the species bearing the young...

  7. SPITTY! I LOVE seagulls. Do NOT eat them!

  8. Oh, Spitty, we must visit at once. We are sick of this hot and humid Houston-like weather in the stupid desert. It's enough to want to be rid of our fur!

    We also don't like the staircase hullabaloo going on. (Which will be going on for eons, we fear. What is wrong with our mom anyway?)

  9. That is one great looking house! You wren't interest in those seagulls at the beach? Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Our mom had little seahorses when she was young. But they deaded.

  11. Our Mommy thought it was a great walk. We mostly liked the litter box and birds!

  12. That looks wonderful. You do live in a beautiful place. And that litter box..... Bliss.
    In one end, out the other - no need to move much.

  13. Imagine !
    If you use those litter box, and then some human dig it to make a sand castle......

    YUK !!! Disgusting !!!
    And I do believe they will blame the doggie....tee..heh..heh

  14. You just sat there and watched the birdies?

  15. Giant litter box! MOL I'm sure that's exactly what kitties think of the beach.

    Star says: Catch one of those crunchy birds ok, we'll have a midnight snack, yum!

  16. I would like to walk on this way - I hope it is not the direction to the witch's cottage :o)

  17. Oh MY! That's right! Hope that path doesn't take you to the wicked witch's place where they rub kitty fur the WRONG WAY!!! GASP! xox

  18. LOL can't beat the giant litterbox, always fun

  19. Wow that house is gorgeous..Loving the huge litter box MOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. My hairy slobbery sisters would has eated up the jellybean trail! And WOWZERS!!!
    What a great litter box! And no kitties to shares it with!
    PS. My yucky eye is gettting better. mes did not goes to the vet but Mommy did, she talked to them. They said to not stress mes out (me thinks they is afraid of my razor sharp claws!) and to rince my eye as much as possible and it is working!!!

  21. what cool scenery! Too funny about Hansel and Gretel

  22. oh deer COD noe.......

    re wind.....


    they R still ther......

    sorrre dood...we R outta heer.....

  23. Awww... somebody spilled the beans.

    Those seagulls look nice and I bet the giant litter box was fun.


  24. Wow that's an awesome litter box! Those are great pictures.
    Sue B

  25. Look at all thate sand, lucky Spitty!!!

  26. Spitty that's a great not a garden tour. WE love all the places you show us. Especially that big pool of water. :)

  27. A litter box with lunch on the side :))) Purrfect!!

  28. happy hunting with the dorky-looking sea birds. I heard they like french fries, so try to bait a trap wif that. you look very regal there on the beachy. hope the salt air did you some good.
    *head bonk*


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