Friday, November 25, 2016

Turkey Talk, Redux

Here it is, a day after Thanksgiving and is there any leftover turkey for the Kitty? Why no, there is not. She went out! Honestly, could she not have asked nicely for a tiny to-go bag?

[Little does he know: There *is* a tiny taste awaiting him. I mean, I'm not a monster. -Ed.]


  1. What? That's unbelievable, Spitty, even by her standards. Surely she's just teasing ya? Don't let on that she's scored a point by upsetting you - play it cool and then, if/when a small morsel or three of turkey appears in your dish, just amble over to it, sniff it with disdain, then turn tail and WALK AWAY. I know - it will be hard. But it's important to regain the upper hand(paw) here. Then, when she's left the room, you can scarf it down quick smart.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Mum went out too, I got no goody bag either.

  3. Hey, Spitty, we got SALMON leftovers! Not that I'm bragging or anything...

    1. We SAW. It was amazing! You girls share very nicely.

  4. Sir,
    Obviously, she needs more training !

  5. Unbelievable. Next time, poop in her pecan pie crust.

  6. C'mere Darling. I'll make it up to you.

  7. Unspeakably Heinous. We will figure out how to mail you some. When we tried today the postman wouldn't accept it as the stamps kept falling off. Damn gravy! We will figure it out. Xoxo Ollie

  8. Don't feel bad, Spitty. We didn't get any turkey either. The peeps went some place else for dinner and they didn't even have turkey there! We mean, who doesn't make turkey on Thanksgiving???

  9. We suspect you got more turkey. Why? A little "birdie" told us so. MOL!


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