Tuesday, September 26, 2017

                           Cat on an Empty Blue Pillow

Hot cat is hot.
Long cat is long.

Long, hot cat seems . . . lonely.


  1. I'm here, Spittola! Are you hot pour moi? May, it IS hot in here. Scoot over and make room for moi, por favor. We have some catching up to do. I hear you're getting a little soft lately. No?

    1. I scooched. There's plenty of room for a sweet little girlcat like you. It's not as sizzlin' as it was on our 106 day, but it's delightfully warm. I'll be waiting . . .

  2. Is your human neglecting you AGAIN, Spitty?

  3. Lonely? You'll have all da girlcats beatin down your door.

  4. Hot days make cuddlin uncomfy. Thats why *I* live in air-conditioned luxury... Come over here to cool down snuggly! ~ IZA

  5. While you may be pining for a lovely lady cat, I would expect the Human to provide you with a degree of companionship. Has she let you down AGAIN?

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Hmmm...am wondering if there isn't a thought about adding another kitty to your family, Spitty! I suggest two more; then, they can play together and leave you alone! LOL!

  7. More hot is coming.

    Emma and Buster

  8. Awwww......that's just SAD. You need one of your many girly-cat friends to slip by for a little cuddle time.

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. dood......ewe iz welcome in TT any time... N with 2,895,823,0273
    ree crootz lone lee nezz willna bee a problem ~~ N yea R math IZ bad !


  10. Sorry it is still so hot. Thank you and your human for the words of comfort you left for the loss of Phoebe on my blog and on Facebook. XO

  11. You do look pretty darn comfy Spitty!


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