Thursday, September 7, 2017


This is how I found him when I came home this afternoon.

Then I came into the dining room and found broken glass from a candle holder he'd whapped off a table all over the floor.

I guess he was plumb wore out.

(Oh, by the way, eventually she inspected me to make sure I wasn't bleeding or nuffing. Took her long enough, though. ~S-t-K)


  1. Spitty - you must have had your reasons for killing that candle holder. Was it saying rude things about your Human perhaps? I'm sure that you would have rushed to defend her reputation. And clearly the stress took its toll. Hope you're feel fighting fit again soon.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Clearly, you felt it did not agree with your design taste.

  3. I would think she'd check to see if you weren't going to slide down the wall if those pillows shift and land, splat, on the floor! But I'm also glad you didn't get any glass cuts when you improved, I mean, whacked that candle holder!

  4. Her way of prioritizing is unacceptable! First rule: Make sure that everybody is safe applies to all emergency situations! Bah.

    Just because humans are indeed very bad nurses and we kitties hardly ever appreciate their attempts to make us feel better doesn't mean that she can ignore your potential wounds!


    P.S Thank you for coming over! No idea why your comment was labelled spam. Maybe our blog does this automatically after you threatened to invade Finland some years ago?

    Our silly human does actually know Winnie the Pooh, but she thinks of him as Nalle Puh - so she didn't make the connection to W. the P. Sigh. She's a loser. And for some strange reason she doesn't like Nalle Puh, so she's refused to read his books ; that's why the quote you featured yesterday didn't make any sense to her.

    Sigh. Humans are so embarrassing!

    1. P.S. Nalle Puh is the Finnish translation for Winnie the Pooh - just in case your human doesn't get it. You never know with humans, do you.

  5. Spitty, you were on your own leaning tower of pillows! Stuff on the table deserves to be whapped off; thats the rule with cats!

  6. it was a long time in the making. the feud had been simmering for months. it started innocuously enough;the sideways glint...the silent jeer...the glassy mocking. then all at once...the contemplative seething bubbled over into outright violence. must be; covfefe...

    xoxo, us

  7. Well, he's kind of sitting in a corner.... as if!

  8. In the kitty world, everything is a potential hockey puck.

  9. I am sure the candle holder had blown off by the wind.

  10. It's exhausting wreaking wonder you're napping Spitty!

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. bout a rood mom !!!!! ......ya coulda pazzed out ore sum thin.....well ya kinda iz ...but knot for de same reezon....good job on brakin de vase AND sufferin noe woondz frum it !! ☺☺♥

  12. Poor guy. That holder was just mean to you, it totally had it coming.. and everyone can see just what toll it took on you. Sheer exhaustion!

  13. That annoying candle holder found its match. Are you okay dood?

    Emma and Buster

  14. Spitty, that was naughty. And worrisome. PLEASE don;t do that. You were fortunate this time. XXX

  15. Good, Spitty! I think he was getting ready to decorate the house for the fall. Tee hee hee! Paw high fives, Spitty! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  16. Just a little redecorating while the human was away, eh Spitty? We are glad you are okay!

  17. Spitty, I think you was framed! You look totally innocent napping on the pillows.
    Katie Isabella is a good kitty lawyer if you need one.
    Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

  18. She probably thought if you were bleeding you would have left little red paw prints over the house


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