Saturday, February 3, 2018

               (Not) Just Another Day at the Beach

Hey! This is our trash--you get your own!

There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby

And moi? Why home on my throne, of course.
(And you just put it right out of your silly heads that those girls were cleaning up after ME!)


  1. I know you would never leave trash on the beach, Spitty!

    1. Dear Summer, Miss Janiss and Miss Megan, Now of COURSE I would never trash up a beach! Quel horreur! No, I feared someHumans might connect the dots of Kitty....unlimited sand....bodily functions.... Well, you're all pretty quick on the uptake, right???

  2. I don't think of you as a beach kinda guy in the first place, Spitty, so it wouldn't even have occurred to me that that was your trash. My sense of you is that you're fairly neat and tidy - after all, someone has to set some housekeeping standards in your house.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. That is great that your human helped clean a beach.

  4. Great pic of da rainbow. Of course, it duzn't compare to y'all.

  5. Vile humans leave trash on the beach, and in the oceans. We would like to live a life without plastic so our beaches are safe for aeons to come - allowing our descendants (not ours personally of course) to use that most wonderful sand for ever. Maybe when we felines inherit the earth (and evolve thumbs) that'll happen.

  6. How nice of your human to help clean up the beach, Spitty. And we're with you - other than the beach being a giant litter box, home is where the heart (and warm beddy) are.

  7. Yay for your human Spitty! And no one would ever think you create trash!

  8. We know you'd never leave trash after on the beach, Spitty. You're far too purrfect for that!

  9. Beautiful photos Spitty. Did the girls make that trash or just cleaning it up.

  10. Great job to all those who cleaned the coast.

    Emma and Buster

  11. That would be a huge litter box to be cleaned out every day.


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