Thursday, July 1, 2010

Human, Can We Talk?

Now look, I know you love me and, frankly, most of the time that works out pretty well for me. I get the fresh water & the good foods, the nice beds (well, except that last blue abomination), pretty good toys, plenty of brushing when I ask for it, and a good view of the neighbors and the streetlife here in our little corner of San Francisco.

But this 24/7 attention really has to stop. I know that the school year is over, and you don't really have to go into work every day, but I'm asking: Please go to work everyday. It's just too hard on me when you're around here every friggin' minute.

And when you do finally leave, and I think I'm good for the next 10 hours or so, bam! you're back after 45 minutes with a bag of groceries and the gleam of affection in your eye. It's all too much for me. I just can't be there for you all the damn time.

Get a hobby! Get a life! Go spend some time with our new friends Aggie & Wally!



  1. Spitty,
    You need to find a Stunt Double Cat to stand in for you!

    We can relate...Every few days Mommy is home for the WHOLE DAY and she moons around, kissin' us and stuff. ick.

  2. Yeah, we are "om camera" too much. We just want our sleepy time free of that.

  3. This cracked our human up. It's usually our she who has to get away from us on the days she's off. For some reason we can't fathom, she doesn't want to jump up and down every two minutes and let us in and out of the enclosed back space. We have no idea why, what else has she to do? If your mom needs a hobby, she can come here and wait on us 24/7 -- we'd have no problem with that!

  4. Poor Spitty! Hope you have a good restful and quiet weekend.

  5. Oh Spitty, you're a hoot! But you do have a very valid point!

  6. Yeah, we know exactly what you mean. We like for our mom to give us her complete attention and wait on us hand and paw in the early morning and evening hours, but when she takes a day off from work and makes a noisy racket during the day that interrupts our prime napping hours, it really gets on our nerves. Is it too much for a kitty to ask for a little "me-time"?

  7. Haha! Spitty, we know what you mean. We're lucky though, our mom and dad do go to work, but when they get home, they...or at least mom is constantly bothering us. We don't mind some petting and playing, but we gotta get our naps in too!! And one of these days that flashy box is gonna meet an untimely death...

  8. This is why I have a mancat cave. The people leave me alone when I'm in it. But failing that...I hide under the bed. People are too lazy to get down on their hands and knees to spend time with me there...


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