Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stealth Kitteh

Stictly speaking, I'm not allowed around flowers,
but these are not real
so I can sniff them whenever I please, yes I can.
I keep an eye peeled though, just in case I need. . .

. . .to make a quick exit.


  1. Oh, Spitty, you are such a fearless, adventuresome mancat=we are all just wild about you, gorgeous boy!!...kisses sweetie...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Spitty, you are a rebel kitty!
    Salem says you would REALLY enjoy the crashy-noise from the vase-floor impact. She wishes she could be there...

  3. LOL, Spitty, you have that quick exit down pat. Well done!

  4. YOu never know when they put real flowers int he vase so it's always good to check it out. Nice job stealth kitty.

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  6. Spitty..seeing those manly feet as you jumped down..be still my beating sweet heart!
    Mommy won't and can't have any real plants 'cause I chew them down to nubs. When she got a bouquet for Valentines day..she had to hide it up high in her room where she couldn't even enjoy it. She figured that if she bought me cat greens, I would stay encouraged to eat plants. She's probably right.
    (this is the post that had a typo that mommy made me delete and re-post w/o the typo).

  7. Wow, you weren't kidding, you are quick!

  8. Spitty
    We are not allowed flowers...hehehee
    Momma thinks it her, but it us.
    See Momma found out we eat all flowers in the house.
    We loved the getaway shot.


  9. Wow you are quick!! We don't get real flowers either 'cuz we knock the vase over and spill all the water.


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