Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Cousin's Gone!

Yes, the Human's Cousin was repelled by my fierce attacks  was driven off by my mighty claws  left to go home to Southern California.

He and the Human had a really swell time for a few days and attended a sort of family reunion in Sacramento. I was reasonably tolerant and even went so far as to sniff his hand (he didn't smell too bad for a human).

Still, that didn't stop me from rejoicing at the sight of the front door closing on his backside this afternoon. You really can't blame a boy for that, can you?


  1. But Spitty! Remember, Life is ALL ABOUT YOU. Your Human should be living her life for YOU, the most important Man(Cat) in her meagre existence.
    At least "He" didn't touch you...which is more than Scouty can say. HE got touched TWICE on Saturday. Horrors. More on that later.
    We are rejoicing that your Nip is thriving!

  2. Yeah, happy to see them, happier to see them leave! There's nothing worse than having your mom's attention diverted.

  3. Yeah, we like it best when the visitors leave. Now you got your human all to yourself, Spitty!!

  4. I don't blame you, Spitty. I am not a fan of guests, either, unless they are specifically there to cater to me and me alone, not around to hang out with the humans.

  5. I really do detest when my parentals have guests and they take over my kingdom... and they always seem to frequent my favourite places (rude!) and most importantly, they take the attention away from it being all about me! *cries*
    I feel your pain and am excited for things returning to normal!!


  6. On another note, you should make your own club for the aloof and sullen kitties. Maybe 'Kitties with Attitude' (in a good way of course!)
    I do like your style :-P

  7. Well you ate braver than we are Spitty. We run as fast as we can if someone besides our Mom comes. And we stay gone until that car goes down the driveway. We do not do people.
    Hope you have a great week Spitty

  8. I think you did darn good considering you were invaded!

  9. I'm happy when the visitors leave too.

  10. We think you did well, too, to be invaded like that. We tend to run away too! Except for Nicki. :-)

  11. We like visitors, and we love to snoopervise when a repairman comes to the house!

    Spitty, you look so much like our Sable the Punk!

    Clarissa & CO.

  12. Spitty, the house is yours, the assistant shares. What more does she want??? Seems fair to me. That's what I do here.

  13. Spitty
    You're a mancat after my own heart.



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