Thursday, October 14, 2010

La donna è mobile

I am singing my little feline heart out this afternoon for The Baby, KonaKitty, The Admiral, Salem, Huffle, Ayla, Iza, my Beloved Caroline, Halle, Calle, Sukki, Sparkle (maybe even Grayce--not sure about her yet), and other enticing ladycats too numerous to mention.

Don't pay too much attention to the words. ;-)


  1. (furious whisperins here...)

    Iza: Ooh, I dont think I ever been sang at, an am all flatterred...

    Ayla: Iza, dont act the Niproom queen. Be a LADY! Spitty won't be respekful iffen ya just hunch up fer a song!!! Now ya know Im a Princess and you're just, well, "Iza", so pay attention! Be a LITTLE hard ta get. At least pertend yer high class.

    Iza: But I LIKE the song. I makes me feel, um, ecited.

    Ayla: Well me too but keep it to yerself, ya know?
    ERK! Did we say that out loud? IZA!!! Ya put Spitty in the CC line! Oh I am gonna whap you SO HARD fer that... Come back here or I'll bite yer ears...


    Oh no, we're still ON arent we..

  2. What a lovely tune, you're singing, Spitty!!

  3. Grayce say you may CERTAINLY sing for her, that last stretchy picture of you sealed the deal for her! She had to go have a little lie down after that.
    Spitty, you're getting quite the little hareem aren't you? Is your middle name "Tom"?

  4. Spitty, you are silly! (Although I must confess that I prefer either Gilbert & Sullivan or Motorhead - take your pick. Our tastes around here are a little bit common....)

  5. AHEM!...

    "Mr. Spitty, we were pleased to hear your inspiring song. It was well done and reminiscent of the best tenor cats in the form of Roamingo and Julicat! Thank you for the lovely rendition. We certainly look forward to hearing your trained voice again some day. Ayla and Iza"

    ("Oh Iza do you know what 6 pounds feels like pouncin on ya from 8 feet up? I am gonna...

    You DINT! You put Spitty on the CC AGAIN?! Oh you are so doommed. Im gonna...)

  6. Um, Spitty, in answer to your question on our blog, "CC" is the secondary person receiving a copy of the conversation. Like "cc" in email? Its not always noticed. But it has consequences. And embarassments. Both Ayla and Iza are hiding under the bed right now in embarrassment.

    I bet it would take salmon to get them out, and I don't have any.

    The Big Thing

  7. Oh, Spitty, you popular, handsome boy, we are really enjoying your song; what a sexy voice you have :)...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. So does singing work for you to woo the ladycats? If so, spill, because I may just try it.
    Your fellow black mancat from another mother,

  9. No-one has ever sung for me before. I am flattered :)

  10. Belt it on out Spitty, then have a wonderful weekend!

  11. That's a great song!! You could be a star!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. Spitty you are becoming a mancat about town!

    Keep on singing!


  13. Oh Spitty! Oh MY O MY!!! I am thrilled that I am among the lady cats that you are singing to.

    Rupert washed my ears and snuggled with me when I came back from the you-know-who but he hasn't sung for me so far. You are so handsome, manly and talented. Thank you for my song. Look at that ,manly face of yours, too. OH MY!!!

  14. Caroline meowed something like "Si, si, nabisco!" just before she fainted. She was smiling, though.

    You know what? My mom made that exact noise when she read about that spider!! Ha ha ha ha!!


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