Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Garden

I have envied other kittehs' delightful garden tours, so today I will give you a tour of the highlights [yeah, like there are any] of my Human's office at her j-o-b. First, a nice flattering shot of ME, surveying my kingdom about 15 minutes ago:

Those of you who signed on just to see my handsome self (Admiral?), you can stop reading now, and you will have seen the best part!

Okay, if you're still with me, here's the door to the Human's office. Since she can't grow real flowers, she has stickers instead:

Do you notice a little theme for her desk decor? Even though her students are in high school, they still like desk toyz!

Moving to the right, you see her lamp-snake, which I would like to meet in person and rip to shreds. Also, note the Cute Overload calendar:

Moving along to the conference table, we see a seasonal display of pumpkins (real & ceramic) and a few gourds (real), none of which she grew:

Next we come to an important item, especially this week. Who knew last January that October might actually have meaning in the lives of Giants' fans?

Finally, the piece de resistance, my NIP which has temporarily moved back indoors. Isn't it bee-yoo-ti-full? The other plant is boring and I don't even know what it is. The Human claims to have at least kept it alive, but sources tell me that these are almost impossible to kill, so no credit for that:

So, Kitties, that was the tour. Thanks for sticking with me through it.  I'm sorry it wasn't a garden, but at least it had that NIP at the end!


  1. Spitty,
    Mommy enjoyed your Human's work tour. Immensely. Go figure. Guess what? She has the same angel-holding-cat figurine and some of those colorful painted cats too...great minds must think alike...blahblahblah.

    On to IMPORTANT stuff. ALL the Ladycats thought you were HOT STUFF, and the nip looks great.

  2. My mommy also has that same angel holding a kitty TOO! And she has a couple of kitties. Me and mom love your garden & work tour (and your handsome manly self)

  3. Wow. My mom doesn't have any cat stuff in her place o' biz. And we sure don't have any nip plants here.

    Mebbe I can move in with you?

  4. Hey, Spitty, thanks for that tour. Sure looks like there's a lotta stuff for you to whap off that desk!! And that nip plant sure looks good...how come you're not nomming on it??

  5. Thanks for the work tour, handsome Spitty; we loved the sexy shot of you best though!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. That is the BEST indoor garden tour we haf ever seen! Way ta go Spitty...

  7. wait... why is the nip at her office and not your pad? How did THAT happen?? That Woman said it was nice to 'tour' your mum's place. Since her Gurl is in High School she understands about the desk toyz.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  8. That looks like a brilliant workplace, mainly cause YOU'RE there my friend!! Hehehehe

  9. Yep, totally worth it to see the nip.

  10. Your nip looks great! Terrific tour, Spitty. Our mom wants to know where your mom got those great floral stickers! She's seen other kinds, but nothing quite like that.

  11. You know, some real live FRESH cut 'Nip is really good! Ask your Mom to bring some for you. And tell her the plant will grow bushier if she trims it! Of course, YOU should get the "trimmings."

  12. I enjoyed your tour, Spitty! And your human has more green stuff than mine! We have had nip plants, but they do not last very long and they are never that interesting. Definitely, there is a brown thumb residing at my house!

  13. Spitty
    Fank you for the garden tour of your Mom's office. Yep you're absolutely right the nip was the bestest part I agree!


  14. Spitty, thank you for your tour! I enjoyed a lot. It sounds like you really want let the world know your human cannot grow any plants :-) I love her desk toys. Four kitties in different colors are so cute.

  15. Thanks for the great tour, Spitty. We agree ... the best part was the nip! :)

  16. Excellent tour!!! Spitty~~~
    My bean doesn't have garden at all. I think you are great!

  17. Spitty-the-Kitty, that was a great tour! My mom will not take anyone on a tour of her cubicle, because all you would see would be mounds of papers. Hey, guess what? I used to do that same thing that you do to your mom - when she would sit in her computer chair, I would walk up, go 'meow meow', paw at her, and then FLEE when she would reach down to pet me! hahahahaha Another thing I would do is when anyone would go to pet me, I would hit the deck. My mom said it was kind of like I was saying "OK, *sigh*, pet me if you must. I'll let you, even though I really don't want you to touch me".

    Your friend, Zoe


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