Monday, October 24, 2011

All Right, All Right

Does a Boy have no privacy? I try to be discreet, and what do I get from my furriends? 
Yes, Kitties, this means YOU.  
"O Spitty," they say, "that's not a 'tocks shot. That's
Bum-of-Disrespect shot."  
Oh, all right then! Here!
Y'all happy now?


  1. Spitty we are happy to see you whether it is tocks, "the bum of disrespect" or just your handsome face! We love you!
    Have a great day!

  2. Dear Spitty,
    Mes could pounce on yous!
    Me does it to Kozmo when he lays like that!
    But me thinks YOous would be more fun!

  3. I'd rather see your handsome man-cat face.

  4. Now, THERE'S some 'Tocks I can sink my teefs into!

    XX Grayce

  5. Ahem. Yes, thank you very much. Now, can we see pictures of your handsome face instead?

  6. I loves what Grayce said and Penelope! Although they are rivals for your affections still...I loved seeing their appreciation.


  7. Spitty our Grampa would say in these pictures you are flatter than pee on a plate.
    'Tocks, or bums...both yours are photogenic, who cares about semantics.

  8. We dont know, Spitty... Ya seem ta be missin the proper pose fer a real 'tocks shot! We'll give ya a 2 outta 10 on that one... ;)

  9. Well if I'm going to be presented with a 'bum of disrespect', I'm glad it's your lovely fuzzy butt Spitty!

  10. I'm here watching yours ! Just make sure you don't make some gas my friend : )

  11. I think that the beauty is in the eye of the tock-holder!

  12. Wow, tocks with a side order of peevishness! What more could one ask for?

  13. :::hehehehe::::
    We kitties get no respect just like Rodney Dangerfield!
    Thank you for your sweet purrs while Momma has been recuperating from my bitey...

  14. Spitty. When in doubt, post a pic of someone else's tocks.

  15. Spitty! Those are the flattest 'tocks we've seen yet!!

  16. You commented on our blog: "You kids always have such good adventures all the time! Yes, you *do* have better tocks shots than I do, but I think 2/10 is really waaaaay too low of a grade. My Human says she would never give one of her students that bad a grade if the kid had really tried. I think you should reconsider. I should get at least a 5."

    Well, we actally applied some rigerus mathies to the question, based on the following:

    1. 2 pictures.
    2. Not 1 good #13 OR “the other 1”.
    3. Yer 1 tail wasn’t held high proudly in either of the 2 pictures.
    4. The 5 small tocks were!
    5. 2 tries at tock shots.

    So, 13 (spot #) plus 1 (other spot) divided by 2 (pictures) minus 1 (tail not held high) minus 2 (other pictures) minus 2 (tries) equals “2”. But we need help here…

    TBT: Oh, OK, OK!: [(13 +1)/2] -1) - 2 -2)=2 Sorry, Spitty, the maths don’t lie. It’s “2”.

    Ayla, Iza, and Marley: Um, see? Proof. Not that we unnerstand a bit of it. However, given yer concern on the subject, we are willin to move yer score up to “3”. AND offer ya another chance ta improve yer score. TBT says FAIR (meanin “objective but kind” but also “Floofy Arse Is Rare”) teachers would do that.

    So take another “crack” at it an see iffen mebbe ya can get a “6”! 3rd time is the charm...

  17. Tocks, tocks . . . We would rather see your handsome face, gorgeous eyes, splendid whiskers, etc.

    Taffy and that woman

  18. Spitty, those are some mighty fine tocks. But we think you are handsome all over. Hope you have one fun day.

  19. tick tocks
    tick tocks
    you still
    rocks our socks!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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