Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In the Forest

Looky Looky! Despite her horrifying vet experience 
(surely soon to be a major motion picture),
my friend Cathy Keisha made me this fantabulous holiday header!
Thanks, CK! I love it!
Today I'm chillaxing amid the forest of chair and table legs, 
meditating on the drama unfolding daily on Wall Street
The Human keeps watching the stock market 
and fretting and worrying
but I figure as long as there's food money and a toy fund
it's all good. 
Hey, maybe I can get a job--
I hear Cat Fancy magazine needs a centerfold?


  1. OH! YOU would be better in PlayGirl magazine, as you are so extraordinarily masculine and appealing on all levels. WHEW!!!

  2. Cat Fancy--or any other kitty mag--would snap you up in a heartbeat, Spitty.

  3. Just don't settle for a small treat fund, after all, you are THE Spitty!

  4. Go fur it, Spitty! People would pay good money to see all that delishusness! xoxo

  5. You'll make one delicious mancat model. I can't wait to see your centerfold!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Artemisia and Scylla are drooling over the idea of you as a Centerfold.

  8. I'd buy that issue AND the Playgirl your centerfold would be in. Hang them right over my food dish. You are so yummy!

  9. Tell your human that just when MY human thinks she knows what the trend on Wall Street in destined to be it switches.

    Go for it with the modeling, Spitty. Both mags would be great!

  10. Wow! Yous as a centerfold! Me will be firstest in line to buy that Spitty!

  11. My human fiddles with the stock market, and she has been doing it long enough to have nerves of steel. Which makes me laugh because I, on the other hand, can drive her to distraction!

  12. The forest of chair and table legs is one of my most favorite places to play!

  13. Spitty, you deserve better than a centerfold. You should have BILLBOARDS all over the world!
    hubba hubba
    xx May Ling, the Feisty Tortiemeezer who likes to bite and kick mercilessly

  14. That's my stance exactly, Spitty. I mean, what's more important than food and toy money?

    OK, maybe litter money, too.

  15. Spitty-the-Kitty, it's no fun when the people are worrying, is it? We hope that your human can stop worrying soon! And I, Zoe, wanted to thank you for stopping by to wish me a happy gotcha day! And I'm glad you agree with me about those pesky kittens. Kittens are rotten!! Now go purr on your human - it sounds like she needs it.

    Love, Zoe

  16. Cat Fancy magazine ? Good Idea my friend !
    I think a kind of FANCY Sound so good for all ladycats : )

  17. Spitty if you modelled for Cat Fancy the issue would be SOLD OUT!

  18. DUDE! I'd be buyin' that issue!!!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  19. I would definitely get that issue! would you pawtograph it for me?

  20. Ohhhh yeah Spitty!
    You'll increase their circulation too and they will be grateful & pay you bonus treats!

  21. Whoa! You used the header so disregard the one we resized for you. So spooky! xoxo

  22. Spitty, I'm vying for that centerfold job (see my post tomorrow).


    pee ess. We love your new header! It's spooky!!

  23. DOod that's a wicked cool header!

  24. That is a most excellent header! And Spitty, I'd buy the Mag too! You handsome devil, you.

  25. Oh, Spitty! The header leaves me meowless. Soooo cool. That woman loves Halloween. And ANY pic of you anywhere would be great.

    That woman says that things are going to get worse on Wall St. and elsewhere. And will never (or not for a very long time) be what they were. History repeats. It just uses different countries.

    Anyhow, not to worry, as long as there is food, toys, nip, and treats.

    Taffy and that woman

  26. That is one cool Halloween header!!!

  27. That is some scary header, Spitty. Handsome Spitty, you'd make a delish centerfold mancat.
    xoxo Kassey


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