Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Thursday.....GARDEN Tour

Yes, Kitties, this is our very first It-Is-A-Garden-Tour.
All right, strictly speaking it is not OUR garden. In fact, we had absolutely nothing to do with the planning or maintenance of any of it. But gosh darn it, we feel LEFT OUT on Thursdays!

So this is the little garden at the Human's school. Here's what you see when you are at the top of some steps leading down to the classrooms where the Evil Math Teachers live. Everyone calls it MathLand:
Here's a pleasant little bush. Is it a hydrangea or something? We don't really have any idea.
We know this one! It's a fuchsia. The Human knows that because when she was a little girl she spent a lot of time in Santa Cruz and these were everywhere. Her Grandma called them ballerina flowers.
Hmm. No idea. The Human thinks it looks a little like a pansy, but we are pretty sure it's not.
We're almost positive the next three are roses.
This one was growing from a small tree-ish plant. It kind of looks like it's seen better days.

So, Kitties, that's it: Our First (and probably our last) Garden Tour. It was fun being part of the group for one day anyway, even if we are kind of frauds!

P.S.  In other news, Nellie asks:
Are my eyes green or gold?

I say it's all in the eye of the beholder.


  1. Mummy think the last one is a hibiscus...then again, it's not like she knows her plants...she can't even keep them alive! Speaking of which, the grass in the garden are DEAD. Do something about it, Mummy!
    Your Mommy's school garden sure is pretty and well looked after.

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  2. That is a gorgeous aqua colored eye. With flecks of gold. Very secksay.

    Oh, before I forget, SnuggleBunny has a big sickie and was operated on yesterday. Her wee leggie has an evil growth and Deaner's mommy has a sickie. I can totally understand why it seemed otherwise Spittola but no..I'm not being a naughty girl (this time).

    Midnight in the jungle? How romantic. See you then. xoxox

  3. Wll that is one darn fancy garden Spitty!

  4. Great garden, Spitty. We hope you post about it through the seasons. Do you HAVE seasons there?

    The one pink ones does look like hydrangea by the leaves. Mom agrees, those leaves on the pansy looking one are not like pansy leaves! And again, the leaves on the last one do look like hibiscus leaves.

    We posted 'tocks today. Though we were on the deck for some of the pictures, which is technically the only garden we usually see.

  5. Before we moved to the condo, the peeps had a bee-youtiful garden. Tha Woman has told me that last picture looks like a Clamatis. They had them on a trellis. They had blue hydrangeas and pink roses. That fuchsia may be a bleeding heart, which looks the same but isn't fuchsia in color. Also those roses could be runiculas, which look like BIG roses. The spellings might be wrong but I'm absolutely sure about the Clamatis.

    Re: your comment to me. Kinda kinky, aren't you? I like that. See you later.

  6. Oh, Spitty. What big eyes you have? We had not seen your new banner until now.

    Love the flowers in the EMT garden. That one posy does look a bit like a pansy. Hmmm.

  7. It's a lovely area, and the buildings look quite Franciscian.

  8. Wow! The school has pretty flowers and it is so nice to see the flowers. Alas, the frosts have killed most of ours. And your eyes is beauteous! Mommy says thanks for the shot - it will help muchly!

  9. We enjoyed your first garden tour very much, Spitty, and we care not a whit that it wasn't your garden. We're just glad we got to see a close up of your beautiful green-gold eye at the end! (The roses were pretty, too!)

  10. Yep they look like hydrangeas to me... one of the few flowers that actually survives in our garden (Mr Darcy and Sookie love to squash my plants!!).

    And what a beautiful picture at the end too!!

  11. Sir Spitfire;
    That Woman is lame with gardening and only knows the names because she is just sure she read all the instructions on them before she kills them. That's important that is.

    Yes, Hydrangeas in the first pic. Next, Fuschia correct. Next, Martha Washington Geraniums. Next are roses certainly, followed by the Hybiscus. Since all these varietys require regular watering and fertilization you can figure out the cause of death in our yard.

    Here's looking at you kid!
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  12. Well well well, Spitty! That was a pretty good garden tour, even if you didn't know what all those flowers were. We think that first one is a hydrangea, and that pansy-looking one may be some type of geranium. It's nice to see some pretty flowers since ours are dead now. Well, 'cept for the potted mums we have. The vishus deers like to eat those.

  13. My mom says that purple thing is a geranium... the leaves are geranium leaves and yep, they come in bi-colors now.
    What a great bunch of lovely flowers you have at Evil MathTeachers land

    WE still have LOTS AND LOTS of zinnias. They are still pretty bright but some are getting dry. The birdies still come and nibble on the seeds too

    BIG bonks

  14. An excellent "not-your-own" first garden tour, Spitty!


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